Living twice


via fashioned by love | Kate Moss in "Home SPA" | Vogue Italia December 1995 (photography: Sante D'Orazio)
How often do you read credits that scroll down TV screen as soon as a movie is over? I never really bothered looking through those tiny writings, the font size and the amount never seemed appealing enough. Once or twice, however, I did sit down staring at them to find out a name of a song or a novel that inspired a movie. This is how I discovered "Under the Tuscan Sun" by Frances Mayes... I always loved the movie, but never thought of reading the book. Strangely enough, because usually I start with a book and then watch a movie if I feel like it.

This was a different story. The movie is wonderful, but the book is amazing... I bought it because I just wanted to free my mind and relax... Call it escapism on a budget.

I began reading without expecting too much, just another beautiful story, but as soon as the first few sentences saturated my mind I felt like I was reading a dreamy poetic memoirs, so beautiful, it's hard to describe it in words. It's all feelings and emotions, warm, airy and full of sunshine.

The story is all about starting a new life in Italy, buying the legendary Bramasole and restoring it, and beautiful musings on Italian living, culture, traditions, cousine and history.

I read it little by little, every night before I went to sleep, savouring every word, every sentence as if it was something precious. There aren't many books that would make me experience this kind of blissful pleasure and this one certainly did. Every night I fell asleep feeling absolutely happy...

"To re-create something in words is like being alive twice" she writes.... I guess, this is another reason why I am writing all this. I've been stressed over so many things in the past year that I have seemed to ignore the beauty of life, little moments....

Suddenly I felt as if I walked by it... It's so cruel and so not like me. It's a sudden flash of realisation that life is so much more than work and daily worries that come and go and, at one point or another, won't feel significant any more, they won't matter, but life always will.

I decided to get back to writing my naive little notes on life’s simple pleasures, physical or emotional because they will always find their special place in a corner of my mind. They will be a part of my "meaningful happy past" and getting back to it will make my future even more beautiful...

Photo source: Kate Moss in "Home SPA" | Vogue Italia December 1995 (photography: Sante D'Orazio)


  1. This is such a beautiful post. First of all I now really want to read this book. I absolutely love when a book can give this feeling...not only to immerse you in the story and the beautifully descriptive words, but also to give you such feelings of happiness and emotions. I love when a book can effect your life in such a way.

    I also loved what you said about how worries get in the way at times of enjoying the beauty of life. It's so true for all of us. When the daily struggles or worries get me down, I try to remind myself to appreciate each day and each moment!

    Thanks for the inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. that's the only way it works; see the movie first then read the book. it always seems disappointing the other way around!
    glad you found a wonderful little escape.
    xoxo alison

  3. thats it I'm sold! I must get this book asap!

  4. Beautifully said dear Little Rus...I'm so happy you stopped by on my blog and I'm sorry I couldn't come here earlier but I spend significantly less time with blogging recently...I'm happy to catching up with you and I love your new page! Happy New Year and have a great weekend my dear friend!

    Much love: Evi