Be my Valentine: let him notice YOU


via fashioned by love  | iiu Kuik in Marie Claire France February 2011 (photography: Anne Menke)
I want to play a Valentine’s game. Just a silly little game, a few outfits here, some sweet ideas there. After all, my blog is about love, so I cannot sit and let this wonderful occasion disappear into the world wide web without any involvement from my part.

Planning anything special for St Valentine’s Day? I hope so. I love this romantic holiday when people fall in love, make sweet confessions and give each other little gifts. I’ve always felt that Valentine’s day is a bit like a fairy-tale…

And so let me start with an outfit. No, this is NOT a look for your special day – this is yet to come. The clothes and accessories below are meant to get you noticed by somebody who may become THE ONE – you don’t want to tempt your fate and let it pass by you just because you didn’t fancy dressing up or went for a little black dress.

The Fashioned by Love rule #1: men like COLOUR and do have a natural ability to appreciate a girl who can wear it well.

I also believe that men notice a girl who looks beautiful, sexy (without going over board), chic and confident, and think this outfit will certainly make you stand out from the crowd – a bit of fuchsia, a bit of gold sparkle, classic trench that looks as velvety as the night when you step step outside.

Picture this…

It’s a party and you are a Princess. You look and feel fabulous. After some carefully planned meandering you meet him. Then you spend a couple of hours talking, laughing and flirting and feel a bit of “soul mate” vibe going on.

The party is over and it’s time to go. You step outside, into the darkness. He follows you, a true gentleman. He touches your shoulder, inhales your perfume, a delicate mix of fresh rose, magnolia and vanilla mixed with the cold night air, you turn around, he notices how a slightest move of your earrings creates a fireworks of tiny sparkles that land on your cheek like golden dust and… doesn’t want to let you go. Ever… because from now and on you are his princess.

via fashioned by love | outfit idea for valentine's day

To be continued…

Photo source: Tiiu Kuik in Marie Claire France February 2011 (photography: Anne Menke)


  1. what a lovely outfit, that dress is so beautiful, i like that color x

  2. You have such a way with words in the last paragraph! Lately I've been toying with the idea of adding a little fuchsia to my wardrobe for the upcoming season. Gorgeous dress and the trench is such a classic, love the fabric!

  3. that's so cute that you added 'to be continued' because i was thinking what a wonderful story, and i wanted it to continue.

    this post has such inspiration for a girl prettying up herself...

  4. Oh!! So sweet pic...Lovely!!! >;-)

  5. What a sweet way of creating a picture of the perfect ending to a night! Ahhhh! And the outfit is adorable as well!

  6. Keep yourself looking classy while showing a little skin with gorgeous floral black off shoulder dress.