Be my Valentine: love is in the air


Karlina Caune in Vogue Paris September 2013 (photography: David Bellemere, styling: Capucine Safyurlu)
And so my story fashioned by love is almost over. Just one more time we are going to talk outfits and romance and then…  only cupid knows. In addition to Fashioned by Love rules #1 and #2, I have a few more when it comes to dressing up for a romantic date:

Fashioned by Love Rule #3: keep it simple. Remember, men are not really good when it comes to buttons, hooks and complicated footwear. A chic dress that shows off your beautiful curves and has one zip or button is perfect.

Classic pumps will elongate your silhouette, make your legs look even longer, shape up your bottom and can be easily taken off whenever necessary. And yes, men do like it when a woman wears high heel shoes and can walk in them beautifully (at least, from your door to the taxi).

Fashioned by Love Rule #4: when a dress is gorgeous, keep your accessories to a necessary minimum, just to highlight the beauty of the dress, not to overpower it.

Fashioned by Love Rule #5: your outfit must be comfortable (and so should be your underwear). You don’t want to spend time concentrating on your breathing techniques, holding your stomach in or trying to adjust a bra strap. Always try the entire ensemble on in a comfort of your own home, see if you can walk, breath and sit without any discomfort. If something doesn’t work – change it now before it’s too late.

And now… Pièce de résistance of today’s post – the outfit. Truly for a Princess. I didn’t go for cliché black or red and chose romantic dusty pinks, nudes and silver (partially, because I love this shade of pink…) It will be all about you – a gorgeous girl in beautiful clothes that don’t overshadow you, but rather work as canvas.

Dress, Marchesa * Winona Pumps, Rupert Sanderson * Clutch, Rodo * Cherry Blossom Earrings, Astley Clark * Perfume, Cleopatra, Tocca
Photo source: Karlina Caune in Vogue Paris September 2013 (photography: David Bellemere, styling: Capucine Safyurlu)


  1. Love the romance of this perfect!

  2. What a romantic outfit! I've always loved the soft shades of pink. Yes, men do like us to be as natural as possible, outfit and make-up. Simplicity is elegance and beauty. Have a beautiful evening!