Special moments


via fashioned by love | harper's bazaar uk january 2015
One of the things I’ve learnt about life is that it never quite goes according to the plan and thus, you need to enjoy it here and now while you can.

This lesson made me rethink one of my habits acquired long time ago – saving the best for special occasions. In other words, a pair of shoes that, according to the rule, can only be worn for a special event, or a dress that is carefully preserved waiting for a magical moment, or, as silly as it sounds, a hand-knitted blanket that needs to be used with great care or a tea set that would only come out once a year or so.

Suddenly I asked myself: “Why"? Why keeping all these things away if, in fact, these are the ones that make me feel special and happy. The Cinderella moment may never come, the invitation to a ball may get lost in the post and I may catch a cold because I’d rather not use the precious blanket… And so from that moment I decided to use my little beautiful belongings to create special moments when I want/need them to happen.

Alright, it may be a bit extreme to go grocery shopping in an evening floor length ball gown, but I can certainly wear my favourite coat when I run outside with my dog, or pair my sparkly shoes with a pair of jeans and, for the Love of God, use my cosy blanket while curling up on a sofa and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a movie. Have a bath with the best essential oils you can get and pumper your skin with the most delicious moisturiser afterwards – you really deserve it…

I think you’ve got an idea by now… Create special moments. Live your life here and now. Love yourself – not in a vain way, but in a nurturing and caring one. And yes, put your best outfit on and enjoy weekend feeling like a beautiful Princess on date with her life!

Photo source: Harper's Bazaar UK January 2015


  1. What an amazing post dear Little Rus! I do the same actually...saving things for a special occasions and what if that special occasion will never come? Love this post so much and I'll link back to it next week!

    Have a great weekend my dear friend, cheers: Evi

  2. A wonderful post! I've come to the same conclusion: why save certain things for that special occasion that may never come and not try to enjoy them as often as you can because they make you happy? It feels so good! I'm linking back to your post tomorrow. :) Enjoy your weekend, sweet Little Rus!xoxoxo

  3. Great advice, darling!
    Gorgeous pic too!