Tasha De Vasconcelos: how to be Parisian


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Tasha De Vasconcelos is one of those women I really, really adore. I just think there is some special feminine softness about her, she sounds and looks so sensual and warm and has an amazing style.

As a model she worked for Calvin Klein, Escada, Van Cleef and Arpels, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Banana Republic, Pantene, Organics, Harrods, Silhouette, BEIERSDORF, NIVEA and magazines including Vogue, ELLE, Tatler, InStyle and many more. She also appeared in several movies and documentaries as well as France's Next Top Model in 2005.

Many of you would probably recognise her from the latest Nivea DNage ad.

Some time ago I watched a programme about shopping in Paris where Tasha talked to Jodie Kidd and shared some of the secrets she learned while living in the French capital. Since I can never get enough of la parisienne topic, here is what I carefully noted down.

via fashioned by love | Tasha de Vasconcelos | How to be Parisian | French women secrets
According to Tasha...

a) Parisiennes always dress for men, but choose their clothes and accessories that tease their imagination and rather than show everything off.

b) Parisienne always leaves her house looking pretty (just in case she happens to meet a man). Even if she goes to the boulangerie next door to get some fresh croissants. She will always make sure to wear a pretty cardigan, a scarf and slim trousers or even better - a skirt.

c) every woman regardless of her nationality or location must have a skirt in her wardrobe, ideally, one of the skirts should be la petite jupe (above the knee and feminine)

d) Parisiennes eat very little, not only because they want to stay slim, but mainly because any French woman wants to keep a man interested in her as someone he can discuss things with, not just a pretty woman with her mouth full.

e) for every Parisienne beauty begins with great skin and great hair cut for which she will visit a hair salon on a regular basis.

via fashioned by love | Tasha de Vasconcelos | How to be Parisian | French women secrets


  1. I love the fact that you are infatuated with "les parisiennes"... So am I. That is why I became one;)

    It is very true that teasing men with apparel is the thing to do here. Short skirts and thigh highs, better yet garter belts and stocking... do it deliciously.

  2. She looks wonderful in the first photo. I agree that women should dress so that they leave something to the imagination. And real beauty begins with a well taken care of skin and hair and the confidence you have in yourself I could say, it's so much more than some pretty clothes you put on. Ada

  3. waw ! she is gorgeous ! she looks so hot on that last picture x

  4. She is absolutely radiant and beautiful! Thank you for sharing some lovely tips with us... I enjoyed your previous ones as well :)