Why do we shop?


Magdalena Frackowiak photographed by Terry Richardson for Proud to shop / Harper's Bazaar US September 2009
Often, if I have some time to spare, I find myself browsing new shoes and bags collections on-line, wanting, craving and dreaming of some beautiful pieces and imagine what they would look like on me.

Yes, I know I greatly downsized my shopping treats in the last couple of years. I guess, I got a bit bored of having just clothes, not beautiful pieces of fashionable desire I wanted to see in my wardrobe. Of course, I do have beautiful things I adore and bought because my heart, soul, mind and body wanted them badly, but I also bought some things while trying to figure out what makes me myself or simply because I needed something in a matter of urgency, to match something or simply for comfort. Last year quite a few things found their place on ebay and the money I’ve got were spent on a couple of "desires". And still…

You know, my mind tells me that I have all I need (apart from a pair of pretty ballerinas and a white classic shirt – it just takes time to find the perfect ones) and yet I can’t help looking.

Does it ever end? Or is it a never ending story that’s a part of every woman’s life? Is it something every woman born with? Is it a shopping gene we’ve got from our mums? And although Tim Gunn says we only need 10 basic items, I have to say that yes, it does work to begin with, but our life is so much more than basic. It requires passion, colours and designs that make it unique and special for every one of us.

I think I will have to be dead to stop dreaming about this pair of shoes, or that special bag, or some dress that could make me feel beautiful… My wardrobe is my treasure chest and, well, it will always remain half full.

Photo source: Magdalena Frackowiak photographed by Terry Richardson for Proud to shop / Harper's Bazaar US September 2009


  1. Well no, I have no idea what you mean - haha! ;)

    Have a lovely weekend! X

  2. It's a never ending story. I've learned from my mother to invest in high quality clothes, to choose quality over quantity. And I do shop less than a few years back and I do believe in the must-haves, but I also believe that my wardrobe has to evolve, to be renewed, with timeless pieces, but also with the maker of the season from time to time. My desires are arisen every time I step into my favvourite store, but I have to feel that the item I buy is made for me. Have a lovely weekend! Ada ps: our dessert today: crepes (to cheer me up a bit, I'm down with a terrible cold)

  3. I love all the pics you choose and put on your blog. Hope to see you soon, I've just made a new article :)

    See you


  4. I agree in the fact that sometimes, I prefer quality to quantity because, I suppose it's the same for you, but we have so many clothes that we can buy something more expensive but beautiful clothes timeless as you said :)