French girl’s dream wardrobe


via fashioned by love | Marion Cotillard by Ellen von Unwerth in Elle France February 2010 | How to dress like a Parisian | Parisiennes style secrets
If the money were no object, what would the French girl have in her closet?

A classic suit and coat from Ventilo and Cacharel, a typical French brand that's experiencing a sort of rebirth these days.

Lots of superb pure wool Italian pullovers and one or two cashmere sweaters. And very little logo action.

Perfect-fitting pants and long skirts from Joseph, all in black, and a pair of jeans by Marithé and François Girbaud.

Excellent quality t-shirts in a suitable variety of cuts and colours, perhaps Swiss - or the Gap.

One or two hip skirts from Scooter.

Maybe one hippie-chic piece from Bisou-Bisou or a simple dress from Agnès B.

One great silk shirt and some simple cotton shirts, preferably, in black.

One or two perfect black dresses

Two great hats and lots of scarves, one of which must be a Kenzo.

Costume jewellery from anywhere eccentric for a touch of fantasy, maybe one great piece from Clio Blue. Maybe an old Hermès scarf inherited from childhood.

One beautiful black wool coat and one raincoat, preferably, not in black to boost the spirit when it rains too much.

One very elegant and sporty Ramosport coat.

One pair of boots by Tod's or Clergerie.

One pair of walking shoes by Prada or Camper for stomping through the city. Also one pair of DKNY tennis shoes and one pair of Stephane Kelian dress shoes. All of the shoes should be black, except one pair of red walking shoes or gold DKNY.

A Longchamp or Coach handbag. Maybe Hermès or Vuitton, but better for inspiration, otherwise too showy and ridiculously overpriced. Also, a Just Campagne bag in soft leather.

The French girl will also have in her closet something very eccentric and kitschy that she bought for a one-night-only party, from Guerisold or the flea market, and something very high-end from L'Eclaireur for that one ultra-elegant soirée.

Also for a party: one sexy pullover, preferably in black, a nice trouser with very feminine shoes.

Plus a collection of unique vintage pieces that take an exceptionally long time and a good eye to find.
Photo Source: Marion Cotillard by Ellen von Unwerth in Elle France February 2010


  1. thank you so much for your comment on my blog!
    i love yours. xx

  2. Agree with this list! Of course this is the ideal situation ;-) In my experience, most French women gravitate towards Sandro or Maje and every second one seems to be carrying around a Gerard Darel or Vanessa Bruno bag. Also, they still all seem to be obsessed with Isabel Marant. I do love L'Eclaireur though.. one of my favorite concept stores!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend my dear :)

  3. Amazing post! So well put together!


  4. Thank you so much for you lovely comment sweetie

  5. What a wonderful little list! Now I'm really dreaming of the gorgeous cashmere sweater that I can't afford... :) I also love the black dresses and Hermès scarf is always a lovely thought! Thanks for the daydreams, dear LittleRus... ♥


  6. A great guide to a stylish wardrobe. Nice post, Little Rus! xoxo