Weekend sign off


via fashioned by love | Marie Claire Australia March 2010 (photography: Corrie Bond)
Weekend is for a sunny morning bliss, blue sky, spending time outdoors walking with my boys, a little bit of gardening (the pretty kind that involves choosing beautiful plants and flowers as well as lovely pots), coffee break and an ice-cream, most likely enjoyed in a garden or seaside, depending on where mood takes us. Oh yes, and a book I received a couple of days ago.

Photo source: Marie Claire Australia March 2010 (photography: Corrie Bond)


  1. Wow...I smell these spring flowers!!!
    Astonishing great image:-)))*

    Have a wonderful peaceful weekend,

  2. Oh your weekend plans sound divine... I hope your're a sweet relaxing weekend...

  3. The book is next on my list. I have another one on its way: "Coco Chanel: The Legend and The Life". :)