The making of classic Chanel 2.55


via fashioned by love | Luca Gadjus in Chanel campaign
A symbol of Parisian fashion, timeless style and simple chic, this little beautiful bag is one of the dream tickets every girl would love to own. And if she doesn’t, then she is probably more a Birkin-kinda girl, already has 2.55 in her wardrobe or simply doesn’t like bags in general.

My dream Chanel 2.55 is the classic one, with double CC lock, gold hardware, in tan coloured caviar leather. I hope we will find each other one day…

For now, here are a few facts about the fashion classic...
Chanel 2.55 is...
...named after its launch by Coco Chanel in February 1955

…never needs to be marked down, whatever the state of the economy, and sales are always up, even at a cost of more than £1,000 a piece

…there are 180 stages in the making of the bag
…one must complete 10 years of training in order to know how to make 2.55 at every stage of the process

…each bag is made of 60 pieces

…it has 3 inner compartments including the secret pocket in the flap for hiding love letters or money and one special compartment for lipstick
…second flap has a stitched CC logo

via fashioned by love | the making of Chanel 2.55
…Fermoir Mademoiselle, the logo on the fastener, was introduced after Chanel’s death in 1971

…one of the secret compartments hides an individual serial number and the carte registration

…fabrics used to make the bag are exactly the same fabrics used in the making of the label's ready-to-wear collection

…the quilting or 'matelass√©' is suggestive of Coco Chanel’s love of riding as a young woman because quilted material was originally worn only by stable-boys

…the metal chain plaited with a leather cord has similar connotations of horse bridles and girdles, and also perhaps of the garb worn by the Catholic nuns who educated Coco as a girl

…adding the chain the the final stage of production and the most delicate one because, if done wrong, can ruin the bag

…all Chanel 2.55 bags are made in France

Photo Sources: Luca Gadjus in Chanel campaign, the making of Chanel via


  1. LOVE this post! I adore Chanel bags! I really love that baby black one too! It's on my list!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. This bag is and always will be a classic.I just love the hidden compartment for love letters :)

  3. It's my favourite bag ever and I'm so buying it in the near future... definately (when I receive my first paycheck haha being a student I can't afford it)!! My favourite one is the cream/beige one.
    And wauw so many facts about the bag, I tought I knew them all, but when I scrolled down it became clear that you know SO MUCH MORE, well done!


    also, can I ask you a question? Where do you get your images from? I'm jealous :p

  4. Oh I'm loving all these images :D and as maaany other girls I'm also hoping to one day be the proud owner of a classic Chanel 2.55 ^.^

  5. amazing pretty bag, i want it too! lovely pictures x

  6. My dream bag! But now I'm in doubt: what colour should I choose? ;) xoxo