The Tale of a Fairy by Karl Lagerfeld


Freja Beha in The tale of a Fairy / Chanel short film by Karl Lagerfeld / official trailer / fashion news
A beautiful trailer of a short film made by endlessly creative Karl Lagerfeld featuring a few gorgeous familiar faces and timelessly chic Chanel clothes from Cruise 2012 collection. The movie will be premiered tonight on at 9PM CET. 


  1. I'm even more in love with Freja now, she looks stunning <3 Can't wait to see the whole film!

  2. make me so curious!!!

    Great believes±;-)*
    All of these actrers and actresses are beyond gorgeous placed in the film and how fantastic playing own caracters,super professional!!!

    Wish you sunny week ahead,darling:-)*


  3. Well, I've learned to always expect new challenges from the talented Karl. Hope to watch the movie tonight. Have a gorgeous day! xoxo Ada