Fashion Babylon


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It’s been ages since I wrote a post about one of my favourite fashion-related books, so it’s time to fill in the gap.

I picked Fashion Babylon back in 2006 after reading Hotel Babylon, which I really liked. Written by British author and journalist Imogen Edwards-Jones and Anonymous, Fashion Babylon is a witty and easy-to-read-impossible-to-put-down novel that sounds more like a daily dairy of a London fashion designer.

According to Edwards-Jones her top three sources were “all very high profile and very much at the top of the fashion world” with one of them working in Vogue.

It’s a must read if you crave all the gossip and facts behind glamorous facade of the fashion industry, want to hear stories about IT bags and people, where and when you need to be if you dream of becoming the next top model, how much your favourite Chanel perfume really cost, and that vintage isn’t just a pretty dress from the past and cabbage isn’t just a crunchy vegetable.

The things you discover aren’t something a fashion insider would just share with you, unless, of course, you are best mates, so Fashion Babylon really is a great book for all the mere mortals (including yours truly) with insatiable curiosity for fashion.


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  2. Must buy this book!

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  3. Didn't knew there were books about it! Sounds great! certainly going to read it!

  4. Is it only gossip or is it informative as well? If so then I wouldn't mind reading it; I don't have much patience for gossip.

  5. This is ABSOLUTELY one of my absolute favourite books ever ha-ha I love it I must have read it about 5 times at least since I first got it. The perfect mix of fashion, drama and actual real life and feelings. Perfection. Great review.


  6. Absolutely wonderful :)
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  7. Sounds like a great book!


  8. Sounds fabulous! It's going on my amazon wish list :)

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  9. Ooh, sounds like a lovely read! I'd love to check this book out if I can learn more about fashion!

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  10. Sounds interesting! I haven't heard of this book so I am off to explore...