To have and to hold


via fashioned by love | prada fall/winter 2011
I have a pet bag, the little Ledbury baby as I call it. It’s small, soft and beautiful. It’s cuddly. I will probably sound totally insane, but I find it somewhat soothing to touch and hug “her”. It’s like a comfort blanket. It’s velvety suede interior also holds beautiful memories about our trips to Paris, Bruges and all over England. I love this baby and was very excited to spot a new style of carrying a handbag that suddenly made me see my little treasure in a completely new light. The bag can now be truly cuddled and carried around in my arms – a style that looks so wonderfully effortless and chic! 

And it doesn’t just apply to lady-like handbags – you can use your favourite tote bag by folding it in half or use a larger handbag as long as its shape makes it comfortable enough for you to hold it. I wouldn’t probably clutch mine à la Prada, otherwise I’d most likely lose some of my precious possessions, so I’m taking inspirations from the likes of Miu Miu, Celine, Dries and Victoria Beckham.
via fashioned by love | 3.1. Phillip Lim fall/winter 2011
via fashioned by love | Valentino fall/winter 2011
via fashioned by love | Nanette Lepore fall/winter 2011
via fashioned by love | Laura Biagiotti fall/winter 2011
via fashioned by love |Stephen Burrowsfall/winter 2011
via fashioned by love | Elie Tahari fall/winter 2011
via fashioned by love | Louis Viutton fall/winter 2011
via fashioned by love | Dries van Noten fall/winter 2011
via fashioned by love | Celine fall/winter 2011
via fashioned by love | Brioni fall/winter 2011
via fashioned by love | Sportmax fall/winter 2011
What do you think about this trend? How do/will you carry you favourite bag?

Photo source: Fall/Winter 2011 runway inspiration at Prada, 3.1. Phillip Lim, Valentino, Nanette Lepore, Laura Biagiotti, Stephen Burrows, Elie Tahari, Louis Vuitton, Dries van Noten, Celine, Brioni, Sportmax via &


  1. Теперь так и делаем)))

  2. I completely understand what you are talking about. One of the reasons why I wanted to buy a Celine Cabas vertical was because of the possibility of folding it and wear it in a different, original way. OK, at the end I opted for the Gusset horizontal, but I really like the idea of 'holding' a bag. Again, Prada was at the forefront of the trend...

  3. You know what? I sometimes wear my bag like this. I rarely wear a bag on the shoulder (except for my satchel): I either hold it in my hand (which is the case of my new compact tote with short handles) or under my arm (it goes for clutches and larger bags which can be folded), like in these photos. xoxo
    ps: I hope you've received my email ;)

  4. I can't hold any of my bags like that so I'm always looking for that perfect clutch.

    PS. That black and white Dries Van Noten coat is really beginning to grow on me. I see it every time I pass by his shop on Nationalestraat street.

  5. I need a cuddly bag in my life ha-ha I have yet to have the joy of a bag that I truly love :(

    Amazing pictures too - I love the mustard coloured bag with the beigedress and the photo next to it with the sheer shirt - so classy and beautiful!


  6. Oh, I love these!
    Alexandra Grecco

  7. I guess I shall call it "Joy's walk" as my friends used to tease me in the past, esp. in school because that's how I used to carry my bag. Used to carry them like a clutch or a folder or stack of books whether or not they had handles.
    Great post :)

    Joy xx

  8. Never thought about it, but I DO carry my bag like this most of the time. That is unless I am carrying a ton of things, then It's on the shoulder for sure! ( :

  9. Very funny! :D
    Actually I enjoy "hugging" a small purse or clutch, but on day-to-day basis it's body cross for me. Yes, I'm a practical type of gal...

  10. This is so interesting, I haven't heard of this before. I always carry my handbag over a shoulder. But I like your idea so much! Glad I came by ;)


  11. So agree with you, bags are 'to have and to hold'! Love all of my babies!

    Today I carried my Mulberry Edna under my jacket today as it was raining and I haven't treated the leather yet! Eek!

    Girl about Town XxX

  12. love the fold-bags, looks so stylish!

  13. I like this stylish bags. Lovely blog :) I followed you. Check out me ? :)

  14. darling, I totally feel ya.I am crazy over my bag too:) Whenever I get my dream Chanel one, I might even put it in my bed next to me haha:)
    following you now;)