For the love of passion


via fashioned by love | harpers bazaar 2002
There are three things that can be easily mistaken for each other: love, passion and obsession. Some say, it’s better to be in love rather than obsessed or passionate because love tends to last longer and isn’t as soul and heart burning as the other two. But then, again, if we look closely, it becomes quite clear that many great things require more than just love.

They need the fire of passion and never ending energy of obsession to grow and be what they are meant to be. And only then, I feel, the love comes into play… Often not from the source itself, but rather from people who fall in love with the result because it creates a multitude of new and positive feelings, and, funnily enough, awakes their own passions, helps them discover something within themselves they probably didn’t think of.

I believe that being passionate and even borderline obsessed is good as long as it has a positive impact on ones mind and keeps reality and dreams alive. Would you agree?

Photo source: Harper’s Bazaar 2002

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  1. This is a really interesting topic. I think passion and love can go hand in hand - I think an obsessive love can be difficult if not matched by the partner. There can be a power play....