Forgotten supermodel: Magali Amadei


Magali Amadei in Vogue Italia May 1993 (photography: Walter Chin, styling: Anna Dello Russo)
I know, I am 100% certain that you would recognise her face and not only because I published one of her Vogue editorials on Monday. She was “the smart girl who fell in love” in The Sex and the City movie and as a result had to auction all of her jewellery including the oversized flower ring so much loved and wanted by Samantha. Although Magali’s character didn’t appear in that scene in person, her black&white glamorous photos certainly did and the images were totally unforgettable.

Magali Amadei in Elle Germany January 1996 (photography: Chico Bailas)
The French model turned actress was born on 30 November 1974 in Nice. She didn’t dream of being a model. Magali loved to dance and studied ballet at The Opera House where she was discovered and offered a modelling contract. In 1991 the 17-year-old moved to New York to begin working as a model.

Magali Amadei on a cover of Marie Claire
Fashion magazines loved her. The new supermodel appeared on pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, became a face of many campaigns from Loewe, Strenesse, Nine West, Rocobarocco, Blumarine and Arden B, to Mikimoto pearls and Leo Diamonds, to L’Oreal, Olay and Dove and worked with some of the most amazing photographers including Steven Meisel, Peter Lindbergh and Paolo Roversi.

Magali Amadei in Strenesse campaign,
With a strong resemblance to Sophia Loren Amadei also decided to take acting lessons and add an extra skill to her ever expanding portfolio. She appeared in 1997 short film Bloody Trail followed by The Mind of a Married Man and The Wedding Planner in 2001, Taxi and House of D in 2004.

Magali Amadei in Vogue Italia March 1992 (photography: Steven Meisel)
The world was at her feet, she was adored and loved by many. So nobody would have guessed that behind this fabulous facade was a lonely young girl suffering from depression, low self-esteem and bulimia. “Every time I saw myself on the cover of a magazine, I marvelled that I was able to make it through the photo shoot. I felt like a fraud.” she admitted in her interview in Cosmopolitan.

agali Amadei in Vogue Italia September 1993 (photography: Walter Chin, styling: Anna Dello Russo)
In 1999 she passed out during a photoshoot. This was the last straw. Risking her modelling career, Magali reveal her secret to everyone. She wanted people to realise the horrors of living with an eating disorder and the truth about every photo in a fashion magazine that looked so perfect, but was just a beautifully airbrushed illusion. The story became a hot topic in several magazines, news papers and talk shows and Magali became a spokes person for The American Bulimia Association and founder of 5 Solutions and Inside Beauty to share her own experience with people who needed support.

Magali Amadei in Marie Claire Germany February 1993 (photography: Francois Halard)
Magali lives in New York with her family.

Magali Amadei in Marie Claire Italia October 1992 (photography: Tiziano Magni)
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  1. She's very lovely <3 but to be honest I don't remember her in Sex & The City


  2. When I saw your post yesterday I recognised her face, which somehow reminded me of Linda Evangelista, but I couldn't remember where I spotted...of course: the stunning images in the Sex & the City movie...She was such a beautiful girl and such a sad story.

  3. ......such impressed me you story,dear Little Rus!

    Beautiful woman and so absolutely topmodel!!!
    She ws so Sofia Loren look,indeed...
    And OMG,how incredible nice eyes and so sad story...

    Wish you fantastic week ahead,my dear friend:-)*

    Love and hugs from Amsterdam,

  4. She is beautiful. I admire her courage to speak out and raise awareness on the problems many models are confronted with in their careers. xoxo
    PS: I knew you'd love the image I posted today. ;)

  5. Maybe we had eyes only for the ring Samantha wanted so badly, that's why we did not see the lovely model. It is the life of a model beyond the curtain. And I believe she's not the only model struggling such disease. I was extremely shocked to hear about Portia de Rossi's problems with bulimia. Well, another proof that the appearance are deceptive...
    Even so, I love the black and white photos with Magali and the black embroider dress is amazing ;)

  6. I toatlly remember the photos from Sex and the City. I remeber I thought she was so incredibly beautiful :)

  7. Such a sad story about the gloss of the perfect lives we think people lead. Fortunately, there is a silver lining in this story and she has used her experiences to inspire other people to fight their demons and win.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    the spring awakening

  8. now the puzzle comes together ... I often thought about who that beautiful woman was in those posters in the SATC film but never bothered to look it up. Now I remember her.

  9. I had thought it was Linda - she is so beautiful - somehow her tragedy makes it even more powerful - thank you for sharing such a moving post x

  10. It's just lovely :)

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  11. Beautiful! You have such an amazing aesthetic sense! And the story is sad and beautiful at the same time...
    I remembered her face on the previous post, but not her name...

    Great post!!!

  12. I love the way you always make a story out of your posts, i think is lovely and very unique. That is one of many reasons I love your blog!
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  13. I´m glad she found her way out of the fake world safely. She is very beautiful. :)

  14. She is so beautiful! And your posts are always so informative, I love to read them =)

    Thanks for your words!
    love, pi*

  15. I wondered what happened to her! She is absolutely gorgeous and I still remember reading that article in Cosmo when she discussed her bulimic days, it was really so sad. A woman so beautiful and one we thought had it all really felt like she had nothing. I hope she is doing well and that she continues to advocate a healthy lifestyle as a model. Thank you for covering and reminding us of this stunning lady!

  16. she is beautiful! and i never knew about her that i do, i really admire the person she is beneath that beauty & fame. thanks for sharing :)

    hope you'll visit again soon & enter my YSL inspired arty ring giveaway HERE :)

    cins - design3rd

  17. Cela faisait longtemps que je ne l'avait pas vu, elle est certainement encore superbe.
    stef de nice