Viaggio Notturno: a beautiful moment in time


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“I spend ten days a month alone in a hotel, seeingpeople pass in the hallways, glimpsing them through windows or as they step out of the elevator. You see these people, but you have no idea what their stories are, you can only guess. It’s about evoking that surreal state of mind you enter when you’re in an unfamiliar place.”

Tomas Maier

Is it a heart beat or just a sound of a clock, ticking, breaking the silence of solitude into a myriad of seconds melting into a whirlwind of eternity? It’s time we stop and admire a short fashion movie, so intense and powerful it feels like meditation performed after a shot of espresso. The Journey through the Night (Viaggio Notturno) is about everything unknown and unexpected. A whisper. A touch. A feeling. A mystery of romance and love for beauty and luxury, from stunning interiors of Setai Hotel in New York, gorgeous models Patricia van der Vliet and Terron Wood to Intrecciato Marco Polo hard-case luggage and Cabat bag that become stars in their own rights.

The film was created by Christian Weber and included soundtrack by Austin-based band Balmorhea in April 2011 and featured on both official Bottega Veneta website and

It’s so mesmerising, I keep watching it over and over again without growing tired. I hope you like it, too.


  1. I am mesmerized, Little Rus. I played it twice already. Wow, what music can do to a film, it speaks volumes. xoxo

  2. wow, so intense! thanks so much for sharing!
    you're so lovely, it would be wonderful if we could follow each other :) already following you now!

    jessie x

    the weekend project.

  3. Beautifully shot piece of film. Great for the brand. Xxxx

  4. I have to say that your Bottega Veneta extravaganza is making my week (and inspired me to wear my beautiful Veneta for a couple of days in a row...)

    I love this label: for me, it's the epitome of elegance and style, i.e. no need of big, flashy logos.

  5. Love this!
    Off to watching it yet again.

  6. Smooth and dark, like black velvet; for some reason this made me think of black velvet/ black cat association...

  7. Oh dear, I am indeed a fool. I must have completely missed it! Definitely following now :D xo

  8. how amazing! thank you for sharing :)

    thank you for visiting! i hope to hear from you again soon...


  9. The music in the film is actually really good. I think i am goingto check out their other stuff.
    Thanks for flagging it up.