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Natalia Vodianova in From Russia with Love | Telegraph Fashion UK 16 March 2003 (photography: David Armstrong, styling: Daniela Agnelli)
How fabulous is that Lanvin dress from 2003 Natalia’s wearing? It was a gorgeous collection…

Well, today I’m following a “talk about what you see” rule, so please don’t seek any logic in a story – just enjoy the reading (hopefully).

According to the latest fashion news, Giles Deacon left Ungaro and nobody knows who is going to replace him. I quietly hope it’s going to be Giambattista Valli because he’s highly capable of producing couture, ready-to-wear, colour, gorgeous shapes, chic and impeccable cut. He would feel solid to me and it would be nice to see somebody like him finally giving the house of Ungaro plenty of TLC after it’s been through hands of several designers and, most shockingly, Lindsay Lohan.

Another house that’s trying to get their act together is, of course, Dior. Apparently, Mr Jacobs will be replacing him. I’m not going to jump in with my opinion on the new creative collaboration, however, do want to mention that, as far as Dior is concerned, I’m totally with Franca Sozzani on this, but frankly I don’t think Galliano would actually return to the house of Dior after they treated him like some unwanted toy that got a few dusty spots, nor Dior would have guts to apologise to the designer. Shame, but here we go.

Oh, lets talk more about fashion houses, shall we? To celebrate the launch of their first perfume Bottega Veneta released a short movie directed by Christian Weber and Tomas Maier. It’s all about sensations as if showing the birth of the fragrance itself. Beautiful and classy, as always.

And that’s about it for now. Don’t want to keep you in front of your screen for ages on a glorious Saturday morning.

Photo source: Natalia Vodianova in From Russia with Love | Telegraph Fashion UK 16 March 2003 (photography: David Armstrong, styling: Daniela Agnelli)


  1. Have a glorious weekend. This is such a nice spot to catch up on my fashion news;-)

  2. I've always loved that Lanvin dress, it's beautiful!

  3. I think i am with Franco and i am definitly with you on the Lanvin - gorgeous x

  4. Just Magnificent suttarday post,my sweet friend:-)*

    Thank you so much for share all inspirations,

    Love and warm virtual hugs to you,

  5. Beautiful & classy indeed!
    As is your blog! ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I really enjoyed the reading, a perfect summary of the key things happened this week together with the SS 2012 shows. Never thought about Valli at Ungaro, but actually it couldbe a great idea because it's kind of sad to see what's happening to this gorious brand. Have a great w-e!

  7. beautiful! nice blog! ;)

  8. I really want to try the BV scent. Who knows what is going to happen with the fashion houses - it is getting a bit ridiculous! x

  9. I love the's very sensual and beautifully captured. Love the dress too. Gorgeous! :)

    Heel in mint

  10. wow nice fashion report! you know a lot in this area :)
    cool blog!



  11. The Lanvin dress is breathtaking! I'm with Franca Sozzani too, but I totally agree with you: first, I don't think the ones at Dior are capable of such a noble gesture, and second, Galliano wouldn't even consider it. xoxo

  12. Oh the dress is so beautiful. I love the worn texture and feel to it - xx

    - <3

  13. I share the same hopes as you for Ungaro. I am happy Deacon left actually, I think he can do much better elsewhere and look forward to seeing where life takes him next.

    I like the rule that you were following to write this post :-)