It’s time to celebrate


Natasha Poly in Vogue Paris June/July 2009 (photography: Terry Richardson)
Guess what we are celebrating today, girls? The National Stockings Day! Yes, it’s a fabulous occasion to dress up your pins and feel like a woman (and look like every man’s dream, too).

The idea was introduced by Charnos Hosiery to encourage women to embrace their sensuality as well as raise money in aid of breast cancer care (£1.00 of every pair of Ava, Katharine or Marilyn stockings sold between Monday 17th and Sunday 23rd October will be donated).

This year is a special one for Charnos because the company is also celebrating its 75th anniversary and introducing six new designs of stockings, tights and hold-ups to commemorate the occasion.

The collection is inspired by some of the most beautiful and influential women including Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, Katharine Hepburn, Betty Grable, Brigitte Bardot and Ava Gardner. Marilyn hold-ups with tiny bow and pearl details, beautifully dotted Brigitte and classic Katharine are the ones I’d personally choose.

I believe that a woman can feel absolutely gorgeous or totally horrible depending on what hosiery she wears.

The French were the ones who recognised the beauty of the garment and turn them into a fashion accessory – at first the stockings were made of soft leather, but later suede, silk and velvet lavishly decorated with gold embroidery were produced for a special few.

In 1589 William Lee, the vicar of Calverton, invented the knitting machine that was able to produce beautiful silk stockings. A pair of hosiery was later presented to Queen Elizabeth I who was absolutely delighted with the gift, but refused to give a patent to Lee. The vicar moved to France where he died before the know-how was officially registered.

The popularity of stockings was growing all over Europe from Italy and France to England and Russia where the expensive hosiery became an essential part of a luxury lifestyle.

In 1938 DuPont introduced “thin as spider web” nylons with an unforgettable detail – a back seam, so sexy and flirty that women had to draw it on their legs with a pencil during WWII when the stockings were out of production.

In 1960s stockings were replaced by tights that were more suitable for mini-skirts and rock-in-roll lifestyle.

These days were are simply spoilt for choice: classic colours, brights, fishnets, patterns and prints, barely there lycra or cashmere luxury – now women have a weapon to visually reshape their legs, hide minor flaws, stay warm or tease men’s imagination.

It’s just one of our secrets that’s worth an entire post and a celebration.

Photo source: Natasha Poly in Vogue Paris June/July 2009 (photography: Terry Richardson)


  1. It's definitely worth a celebration. Such an important detail in a woman's appearance.

  2. So funny! And this product has a very interesting story...thanks for sharing it! BTW, loved Ada's new post...

  3. Jes,yes,yes!!!

    Just beyond lovely celebration,dear Little Rus;-)))*
    I am so agree....and OMG,what a wonderful image!


  4. Such a cause for celebration! Where would we be without such an important staple for women? Gorgeous post and its wonderful that its designed to raise awareness for such a good cause. I loved seeing you over at Classiq today - your pup is too cute! Is it a cocker spaniel? xx

  5. stockings! hehe. i love stockings, i think they're sexy but sweet at the same time.

  6. It's a celebration! My mustard tights are begging to come out and play.

  7. I think that that is perfect occasion for celebration!

  8. great story and how gorgeous are the Katharine hold ups? so so pretty

    PS. Nice to see over at Classiq today. I want your blue dress!

  9. Love this! Every girl needs some gorgeous stockings in her arsenal!

    p.s. Love the shoes too in that first image!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. I love this! Love the shoes in the first image too! xx

  11. Fab post! Great info too.
    Have a good weekend :)
    Joy x

  12. I like Brigitte's tights because polka dots is my favorite print! I have my own story about tights: so, one month ago, my office location changed, we are now closer to the city center and I'm passing daily by Calzedonia store. I bought 5 pairs in one month and after browsing their catalogue, I made an obsession for a particular one and now the girls in there know me: I'm the girl that asks daily for a stripy beige/brown/grey pair of tights :)))
    Good day to celebrate and great history about the tights, Natalie!

  13. You know you and i are so on the same page when it comes to hosiery it so makes or breaks an outfit - fab post x

  14. interesting story, I did not knew. thanks for the light :)