Perfect formula


Flavia de Oliveira in Elle Russia November 2009 (photography: Mario Sierra, styling:  Immaculada Jimenez)
Maths has never been my strongest (or favourite) subject, but I’ve always loved making lists and had a soft spot for beautiful things, so this is how I came up with my perfect formula for cold seasons.

Candles + Cashmere + Chocolate + Coffee + Camel Coat = Couture Comforts

Once upon a time I didn’t like autumn and winter much. Too cold, too snowy, then, 3-hour flight later, too rainy… September and Christmas were the only bright moments of enjoyment. And then I came up with a list of my personal little luxuries and things changed as if by magic.

I’ve leant to appreciate a glimpse of sunshine or a whispering rain. I’ve developed a craving for snow at Christmas - the snowflake ballet performed in a cloud of streetlight is one of the most beautiful things in the world. And, of course, a painting made of fallen maple leaves, little masterpieces of nature, so unique and fragile.

I’ve come to realise that once you have a few things waiting for you at home or protecting you from the elements in the most wonderful and indulgent way, the outside world becomes more beautiful, too, whatever the weather.

Do you have your perfect formula?

Photo source: Flavia de Oliveira in Elle Russia November 2009 (photography: Mario Sierra, styling:  Immaculada Jimenez)


  1. I'm no good at maths either, but your formula is the perfect equation for couture comforts - I love it! xx

  2. What a lovely post. Totally agree that it's important to have a cozy retreat waiting for you; it really does help make the cold weather much more bearable.

    If possible, I'd love to come home every day to thick pumpkin soup followed by spekulatius biscuits, all consumed while snuggled up in a cashmere blanket in front of a roaring fire. Add in some sheepskin slippers and a Christmas tree and it's even better. Whether you'd be able to roll me out through the front door again come Spring... that's another issue.

  3. That's pretty much my perfect formula too. This autumn, more than any before I think, I'm, just like you, learning to see the beauty in every day, every sun ray or cloudy sky (this calls for layering, which I love in the cold season). I hope this feeling lasts throughout the cold winter too. :)

  4. layers, cashmere, chestnuts, cuddles and long blustering walks xx

  5. Hello,dear LR:-)*

    I'am so glad you wrote this post...

    It's really perfect formule!
    You can express your thoughts beyond good!!!
    I saw all for me...
    These comparisons as ''snowflakes with a ballet dance'' and autumn paintings absolutely fantastic!

    I think mostly important for all of us is giving time themselves to developing and enjoying all little things around...
    I like to walk in the nature and drawing,reading book,drink cup of tea with my friends,just simple,but these simple things giving sometimes more satisfaction to me:-)))*
    And yes,I have chosen to live here in Netherland and it means for me missing my mom and my beautiful sons and my little daughter...but HOW much beautiful moments I have expirienced when I was able to beeing together!!!

    Thank you so,so very much for share your thoughts,my dear virtual girlfriend Little Rus:-)))*

    Love and Hugs to you,

  6. I would add knits & cardigans! for some reason, they simply say comfy to me!
    And I'm glad you've learned to enjoy this season as much as I do!
    My favourite time of the year! rain included!
    I'm so weird...

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  8. I'm loving your formula! Mine is pretty much the same. Let's see! Hot Chocolate+ Marshmallows + Warm Cobbler + Soothing Candle Scents + Sweaters + Camel = My Favorite Things. I love this! Thanks for sharing. You are right! What goes on around you doesn't necessarily have to affect your mood. :D

  9. Oh your list sounds so perfect LittleRus! There's nothing like a delicious candle in the winter--I love dyptique's Fig or Patchoulli {not heavy at all and they have this beautiful deep smoky quality that I love}. That, and a roaring fire, fresh white flowers, and a bite or two of salted carmel chocolate--those are my winter indulgences!

    p.s. Thank you so much for your advice about the hat, I believe you are right. And how lucky you are to have two! I adore the teal one the most!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. Hibernation is probably my formula ;-)

  11. you should definitely be a math teacher, I at least would sign up for your classes!

    so loving your formula ;-)

  12. Ahhh such a pretty look. I feel like coffee now!

    @2hunguyen xo

  13. Love this formula...but I have to substitute the coffee for tea ;-)

    Check out my blog tomorrow for a fab giveaway.

  14. Ohh, yeee! I hear you! I use to hate autumn and winter! Just wishing for the summer to come! But that was no life! Even this year in May, when visiting London and thinking that end of May will be such a perfect weather, I was kind of nervous! But I realize that I can not ruin my vacation because it was raining 3 days from 7 and the temperature was somewhere between 17-21 C (I know it can be worse in London, I know)! So, we can not ruin our vacation and life because we were not born in Africa ;))) You said it so nicely, very deep words! ;)So, this autumn is the first to love for me!!! Wish me luck! I already bought some nice candles :))))

  15. I'm still trying to perfect my formula, but I do know that I hate the cold, and in winter the best thing for me is to embrace being as cosy and warm as possible. Here in NYC it is easier since even when cold the sun is shining - but I am learning that I like to curl up by the fire indoors, and watch my favourite movies, rather than spending too much time outside in the cold and wet weather, it only makes me miserable.

    I will adopt your formula for a while, though - thank you :-)