Every body


Solange in Vs magazine July 2011 (photography: Daniel Gurton, styling: Monica Gingold)
The other day I was wondering about body issues. Frankly, I don’t know a single woman who would be absolutely happy with the way she turned out. Alright, there are some perfect angels living among us. They’ve got legs up to here and the skin and the eyes and the brain and a few other freebies that Mother Nature felt like throwing in the body building kit. Those gorgeous girls usually become top models.

And we make the rest of the female population, with perfectly normal features, all – quite unique and, in my opinion, also beautiful as long as… we remember to love our bodies.

The body that gets properly nourished with a good diet, pampered with a few beauty products, groomed as necessary and well-maintained through regular exercise, sleep and relaxation breaks, is always a beautiful, healthy and glowing, body.

This morning I wanted to remind everyone (including myself) that every BODY needs to be loved because our body is our best friend, the irreplaceable kind. So every time you are about to eat junk, starve or diet, feel like criticising your reflection in a mirror or ignoring a totally innocent wish of going for a walk, thing again. Would you do the same things to your friend? I doubt it.

Lets start our morning with a sun salutation or any other kind of yoga or even simple stretch, followed by a healthy nutritious breakfast (mine consists of red grapefruit, natural goats yoghurt, flax and a cup of green tea), a relaxing walk before lunch and an indulgent bath in the evening. I’m sure you’ll feel the benefits and your body will be very happy, too. And making friends happy is one of the best things in the world, isn’t it?

Photo source: Solange in Vs magazine July 2011 (photography: Daniel Gurton, styling: Monica Gingold)


  1. Alright,dear LR:-)))*

    Love your body,that's what everyone need!
    Wonderful ''BODY''tribute post for this weekend,like it very much!!!

    Wish you beyond lovely,warm(for your body...) and sweet weekend!!!


  2. Great positive post for the weekend! You have inspired me! I am going to treat my body even better. I have been thinking of getting back into yoga and now I have some incentive! Have a great weekend!

  3. A salient reminder. Sounds like a perfect Sunday! Also, I love that shoot, so beautiful. x

  4. Wonderful post! And you know what? I am pretty sure even those perfect women aren't always happy with themselves. So the best thing we can all do, is to understand that no-one is completely happy with their entire body and stop comparing ourselves with others. Otherwise, it never ends! Even for a supermodel!

  5. I know where to turn to for good advice. :) I'm fully embracing your way of living and I've been doing so for many years. As for our body, yes, there are some very lucky ones with perfect measurements, but beauty is so diverse and a well taken care of body (which means you must never forget to exercise and eat healthy-have never believed in wonder diets, but in a complete change of eating habits and lifestyle- and use the proper beauty products) is always beautiful and makes you feel confident about yourself. I never neglect that. Hope your weekend is wonderful, darling! xoxo

  6. Even topmodels are not perfect (lot of them can't hold a man for a long time ;-)
    It's a lovely post, good that you remind us to take care of our body. I have to think about this more often x

  7. Beautiful advice. We need to stop hating and start making posotive changes that lead to love. Easier said than done but inspiration like this certainly helps.


  8. this is something I needed to hear/read. thanks a lot!

  9. Well said. This past four weeks I cut alcohol and caffeine out of my diet - I don't drink either much but I wanted to see if there was a difference. I honestly felt my skin improved and also I felt more energetic. I'm considering this as a long term thing now. What we eat shows in our skin, our hair, we really do need to look after ourselves, and be kind to our bodies. I still wish the Media represented more body types though! That would help...


  10. Well said! I loved reading this post this morning. It truly is an ongoing thing, to take good care of yourself, balanced with appreciating the body that you are given...