On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…


Vogue Latin America December 2009 via fashioned by love / british fashion blog
Five Gold rings
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Photo source: Vogue Latin America December 2009


  1. Hi wonderful Christmas girl Little Rus:-)))*

    You makes beyond lovely Christmas podt every day!!!
    This bottle looks luxury and fantastic elegant!

    I'am curious about this scent....

    Wish you wonderful Pre-Christmas weekend,

    Love and warm wishes,

  2. Natalia - another gorgeous image i dont know how you find them all but very glad you do - just to wish you and oscar a good weekend only one to go xx


  3. You find the most imaginative photos to illustrate your posts. :) I have a very tricky relationship with perfumes. I used to have a few favourites and who wanted to buy me a perfume had a few safe options to choose from (and I could also order online), but lately I can hardly stand any perfume. This last summer I bought myself Burberry Brit, very fresh and soft, just as I like it, but there are days when I can't wear it either. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, my dear! xo

  4. Have a wonderful christmas dear! xoxo

  5. such a creative idea to do a 'click to reveal today's wish list item'. Your friends and family must know exactly what to get you now! xx misstea & co.

  6. Love the image and the gift is beautiful...such a pretty bottle!

  7. The notes in this perfume sound fabulous! :D