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Tatiana Cotliar in Elle France September 2011 (photography: David Burton)
"Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds."

Coco Chanel

Photo source: Tatiana Cotliar in Elle France September 2011 (photography: David Burton)


  1. Just really TRUE!!!

    Magic of the Beauty:-)*

    Wish you,dear Natalie wonderful New 2012 year,ful of love,success and peace!!!


  2. Приветик! А у тебе есть фото той шоколадной спальни о которой ты мне написала? Очень интересно было бы взглянуть. Я уже как раз подбираю материал о шоколадном цвете.

  3. Can always count on you for some fashion words of wisdom haha. True true true!

    Ps to answer your question the lipstick was Tom Fords Black Orchid and nail polish Chanel in Pirate. Xx Paola

  4. What a wonderful quote! I am so happy when I find a new Coco Chanel quote I haven't heard before. I hope you're having a beautiful day, my dear! xo
    PS: it was wonderful to spend Christmas with my family and we stayed longer than usual. I needed this break. :)

  5. Dear Natalia, I hope you had a lovely Christmas! Thank you for this interesting quote: it is so true that fashion gives a great help to beauty. BTW, loved the 'glitter' post: so many interesting ideas!

  6. Love your blog, and especially LOVE the wallpaper you've got!. Did you create it?

    How wonderful!


  7. Enjoyed this post thoroughly. Thanks for sharing!

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