The sweetest girl


Clémence Poésy. Super chic Parisienne, delicate as a morning rose petal, with Bambi eyes, peachy skin, soft bow lips and the most amazing sexy accent! I simply adore this girl.
Have you seen her in “In Bruges”? Please do if you haven’t.
Photographed by Tesh, she is like a breath of fresh spring air on pages of Marie Claire US – tempting, playful, adorable, marshmallowy sweet cupcake. Love…

Une chic. Une femme. Une appartement.



She is a fashion legend, a model, face of Chanel, a muse who inspired Karl for years, an owner of her own fashion label and a woman who breathed second (and very successful) life into Roger Vivier shoe company. Yes, she is Ines de la Fressange.

And this is her apartment. Unique and chic just like the woman who lives there.  Not a sign of a typical Parisian grey. Instead we are greeted with a delightful and very feminine peony colours, a mix of modern and classic, Perspex and Victorian, art and kitsch and, of course, candles and a bunch of fresh flowers.

This is what I would definitely call “la vie en rose”. In every meaning of it..

Photo source: Red Magazine, March 2010

Weekend sign off


What kind of girl are you? One with a sweet tooth and love for light as air patisserie creations? Or a girl who can’t imagine her glamorous life without sparkling best friends?
Well, darlings, here are a few mouth watering and mind tempting delights to seduce you…

Elie Saab Couture Spring 2011


Elie Saab most certainly knows how to create a fairy tale. This year it’s an old Hollywood glamour in a form of dreamy waves and drapes of light as air organza in dusty pinks, dreamy purples, joie de vivre raspberry, muted olive, classic black and silvery white, bunches of delicate flowers, cinched tiny waist accentuated with an adorable sweet satin bow, face oh so au naturel and a simple yet very chic chignons. Stunning dream…

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 Campaign


dolce gabbana spring2011 steven klein alessandra marina isabeli izabel4
Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2011 was one of my favourite if not the most favourite. And how could anyone remain indifferent to those feminine dresses made of white lace? Impossibly irresistible.
The ad campaign appears to be just as stunning as the collection itself.
The black & white photos shot by Steven Klein featuring gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulard, Maryna Linchuk and Isabeli Fontana look as if they belong to one of the Italian cinematography classics from the 50s. Beautiful women emotionally involved in passionate affairs of life… What can be more sensual?
dolce gabbana spring2011 steven klein alessandra marina isabeli izabel3

Beautiful basics


A freshly printed copy of La Redoute catalogue popped through the door as a sweet and cheerful reminder that spring is around the corner.

Browsing through pages is always exciting – I love picking clothes and accessories and trying to picture how I would add them to my existent wardrobe. La Redoute is a great and inexpensive way to get your daily basics that would look beautiful and chic. You just have to be selective.

If you like something, don’t rush into ordering it straight away though. Instead register on La Redoute website and they will make sure you get as many yummy discounts and promo codes throughout the season as only possible.


love the entire outfit on the left…


… and this pure wool cardigan… so lady-like…


… plus this white dress (click on the photo to see details)…


…and the white blazer… summer must-have…


these looks are so D&G Spring 2010… for fraction of the price…


… adore the trousers… although have a feeling I’d have to wear them with 70s style platforms, both to create the right look and add some height and length to the silhouette…


…do you love these nude lace sandals on the right?…


… more white!… this time it’s a dress… the lace is so beautiful…

Photo source: personal

Stylish quote



"Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly."


Photo source: Vogue Paris November 2008

Make-up inspiration



I love beautiful chic simplicity of these looks, especially the first one. It’s so very French, no? They also remind me of spring freshness. I am feeling inspired to get my make up brushes our and experiment.


Photo source: In Style May 2008

Ram VS Unicorn



If you love statement jewellery, fairy tales or born as Aries, then one of these gorgeous babies should definitely grace your finger! Created by London-based jewellery designer Leila Kashanipour, the 22-carat gold silver Unicorn or Ram can become your new lucky charms.

There are only a few left, so if you love them, don’t wait too long or they may go and live with somebody else.

To see more images of each ring or to place an order, click on the pictures or their names above. To view full selection of rings, click here.

Weekend sign off



Every girl deserves a little moment of me time in weekend. To relax with a romantic book, flick through the pages of a fashion magazine, watch a romantic movie or have a bubble bath.

bath_bombshand made soapzoom_grand_chunk_mainbath melts

{ Bath Bombs by Lavender Room * Bed of Roses Soaps by Nazareth Gifts * Honey Cake, Marmalade & Lavender Soaps by Savonnerie London * Aromatherapy Bath Melts by Kemp Aromatherapy Treatments }

Simply because she is a girl. And every girl deserves to be spoilt a little.

pink roses

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Always yours,


Main photo source: Jamie Nelsen

Living twice


books fashion
How often do you read credits that scroll down TV screen as soon as a movie is over? I never really bothered looking through those tiny writings, the font size and the amount never seemed appealing enough. Once or twice, however, I did sit down staring at them to find out a name of a song or a novel that inspired a movie. This is how I discovered "Under the Tuscan Sun" by Frances Mayes... I always loved the movie, but never thought of reading the book. Strangely enough, because usually I start with a book and then watch a movie if I feel like it.
This was a different story. The movie is wonderful, but the book... Oh, my God... I bought it because I just wanted to free my mind and relax... Call it escapism on a budget. 

Louis Vuitton Cruise Spring 2011


A beautiful girl wakes up in the morning. She prettifies herself, adds a pastel rainbow of silk ribbons or a scarf to her hair, then chooses one of her favourite dresses and puts on a pair of gorgeous shoes. Bag in hand, quick glimpse in a mirror and off she goes. She walks outside for her morning cup of coffee, or to meet somebody special or simply because she feels like jumping in her vintage convertible and driving into the sunrise.
I wish I could wear one of these beautiful clothes or at least, have a pair of the most feminine flowery pumps I am totally crazy about. Does Santa ever come in spring, you think?

Winter skincare must-haves


Winter can be pretty rough on our skin. We have to face colder weather, wind and snow as soon as we step outside, but once we get back indoors our skin becomes even more stressed, dry and irritated because of the central heating. And it’s not just the skin, but also the hair and hands that need extra help and protection. Although keeping our skin and hair moisturised should be one of our main beauty priorities 24/7, the subject is particularly important during winter.
I have tried many products and these are my favourite winter beauty essentials. I consider myself to be quite a low-maintenance girl and I don’t like piles and piles of jars and bottles in my bathroom. Once I find something that works I tend to stick with it, so basically, what you see here is what you would find in my “beauty box”.

Donna Karan Spring 2011 Campaign


donna karan ss2011 patrick demarchelier karlie kloss abbey lee_5
As beautiful as art. Timeless, sophisticated and sensual fashion fairy-tale. Feminine, ethereal, delicate sand-coloured fabrics that caress beautiful curves in such a dreamy way so that we really notice a WOMAN who wants to feel beautiful and free. I absolutely love this collection and adore Spring/Summer 2011 campaign photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.
donna karan ss2011 patrick demarchelier karlie kloss abbey lee_1

Fairy Tales and beautiful brides



Beauty, sun light, rainbows, balloons and warm air saturated with happiness… A few gorgeous photos from Brides magazine to brighten up your Monday.


Miracle workout. Story continues…


It’s time to talk about Tracy Anderson’s Method again because my first ten days of the boot camp are coming to an end. The happy end.
I don’t know how Tracy does it, but it definitely works. I feel and see that my body is changing and my clothes fit differently. My legs are slimmer and my tummy looks as if it’s losing the “insulation”.
It’s not easy, though.

Weekend sign-off and a cup of English tea



Saturday morning. Vanilla sky with a hint of dusty blue hues. Early birds are welcoming a new day with a newly created melody. It’s quite chilly indoors, so a touch of heating is a must.

I wrap myself in my favourite soft mint green cosy blanket and head off to the kitchen to feed Oscar and make a a cup of so-very-English white tea that always, always tastes like toffee.

There are just as many recipes for making a perfect cup of tea as there are people in England. Every family has its own tradition of tea making. Of course, ideally, you use a fine bone china pot that you warm up first and then fill with loose tea leaves, about 1tsp per cup, and enough boiling water to have enough for all the tea lovers in a household, let it brew for 3 minutes and pour into beautiful porcelain feathery-light cups.

You add a drop of milk that creates a beautiful cloud and some sugar, or, even better, in a lady-like manner, white sugar cubes. Not exactly a Japanese tea ceremony, but nevertheless it is very beautiful, classy and gives you all the peacefulness you deserve.

This morning I am in my PJs and don’t want a tiny cup and saucer. I want a mug I can hug while curling up on a sofa. So I stick a PG Tips tea bag in my favourite bucket-size cup, brew it until my tea looks like a very dark amber, add a splash of milk and enjoy the results of my labour feeling blissfully happy.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Always yours,



Picture via HiddenEden

Sasha Pivovarova for Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2011


alberta_ferretti_ss2011_sasha pivovarova roversi_5
Isn’t it how a very early summer morning looks like? Fresh, innocent, with its pale blue sky covered with a voile of clouds that are slowly melting away or, maybe, turn into sparkling crystal dew drops we find as soon as we step outside… It’s amazing how emotions and feelings can be captured in clothes, but what’s even more exciting is that we can wear the clothes and experience the feeling. Alberta Ferretti certainly knows how to create the magic and Sasha is a perfect model to pass this magic to us.
alberta_ferretti_ss2011_sasha pivovarova roversi_2

Here comes the bride



Some inspiration for brides-to-be. These looks are so gorgeous, young, fresh, innocent and yet sexy. And the best thing about these dresses? They don’t have to be just for your wedding – this kind of beauty doesn’t have to be boxed away. These treasures can be worn so many times for so many occasions!

I choose Lanvin dress, veil with a bow and delightful bouquet of ranunculus. What about you?


Small… but perfectly formed



There’s this thing about good hotels – they are designed and decorated by people who have the skills, eye for detail and talent. That is why I find hotel rooms very inspirational. They are not just beautiful. The space is used with such a wonderful precision that even the tiniest room can accommodate your entire life, from an office desk, comfortable sofa and breakfast area to a luxurious bed available in all kinds of bed sizes to make your nights as dreamy as possible. And then there are gorgeous colour schemes, too.


I found these photo here and couldn’t help saving them in my inspiration file. Just in case, you know…

Les Parisiennes


My obsession with everything French began about five years ago after my first visit to Paris. Since then it has been a very special affair based on love, passion and admiration for this beautiful place. I adore it with all my heart. Just thinking about Paris makes my soul tremble with desire and a strong feeling of nostalgia. God, I miss it so much, it’s almost physically painful sometimes. And, as it always happens to people in love, I don’t know exactly why I feel this way.
Paris makes me feel feminine, happy, weightless, independent, funny and beautiful. I love its busy streets, romantic parks and glorious squares. I love the river walks. I love the architecture, art and history. I think, French desserts are the most beautiful in the World.
And of course, how could I not mention French fashion and style. Paris is the capital of fashion or, should I specify, classic timeless fashion, to me. The thing you notice, when it comes to French fashion, it is not exactly FRENCH fashion, it is Parisian fashion. Even French Vogue bears Vogue PARIS on its cover unlike any other issue you’d find in any other country.
So now it’s time to mention the very essence of Parisian fashion world and the reason for this post. Les Parisiennes. I cannot explain why they are so special, but you cannot help getting this feeling of “je ne sais quoi” when you meet HER. She and HER Paris are unseparatable and live in synergetical harmony. You cannot imagine Paris without la Parisienne and she needs Paris to express her feelings and nourish her emotional and beautiful self every day.
No wonder I did my best to find out how Parisian women always look so chic and stylish and yet as if they didn’t try doing anything special to look that way. The famous effortless chic. Of course, I honestly thing that you’ve got to be French or at least spend a good amount of time in Paris to learn a few tricks, but well, not every one is that lucky. So I tried to find any books and articles that would reveal something because when there is a secret then any tiny insignificant detail you can get about it would count big time.
Over the time I have saved a few articles, books and interviews and been re-reading them over and over again indulging my memories and imagination. I guess, now I have my little blog about everything I love, I can post some of them here.