Beautiful lies


Beautiful Lise / Audrey Tautou movie review / via fashioned by love British fashion blog
Do you ever feel like you want to watch a movie that feels like a sunshine smile on a beautiful face that warms the heart and touches the soul like a wing of a coquettish butterfly?

I picked Beautiful Lies a couple of weeks ago because it had Audrey Tautou on a cover and she doesn’t do bad movies. I loved it. It wasn’t just about the story, it was a feeling and scenes and little touches: outfits, simple but with every detail being sweet and perfect dialogues, deco, music and attitude to life. Nothing that could bear a “Made in Hollywood” stamp – everything was natural, including emotions, wrinkles, eye browse that moved, dust, sunshine and surroundings.

“What about the story?”, you ask. A girl (Audrey Tautou) who runs a hair salon hires a handsome over-educated handyman(Sami Bouajila) who falls in love with her. He writes a beautiful anonymous love letter, which the girl then uses as a template to send a love note to her mother (Nathalie Baye) to cheer her up. After creating the initial emotional mess worsened by the fact that the over educated handy man doesn’t follow his boss’s instructions very well, the girl realises that she is, in fact, in love with the guy. To cut the long story short, they meet up at an exhibition in Paris and finally admit their feelings. Everyone is happy. The end.

It was a movie I could watch over and over again and would definitely recommend.

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  1. This movie went completely off my radar...! I love Audrey Tatou and you are absolutely right, she doesn't do bad films. I'll look for it this weekend thanks darling!

  2. Hi,dear Little Rus!

    I´am so glad you told about this movie:-)*

    Totally in love with these kind of movies.........and indeed,Audrey Tatou,she makes me relly smile!!!

    wish you a very good week,


  3. I did not see it, but it seams like a wonderful movie! I have days when I'm not in the mood for action, adventure or fiction, just in the mood for little crazy things called love movies ;) Thanks for sharing, it is on my list now! :*

  4. Sounds like a lovely story. I cannot for the life of me watch romance movies though I spend the whole movie glaring at the couple telling them to 'get on with it!' And ruin the whole film. I think this a fundamental character flaw within me!


  5. Thank you for this recommendation! I LOVE Audrey Tatou and I can't believe I have never heard of this movie! One of my favorites of hers that I own is "Priceless!" If you haven't seen that one check it out now! Good idea to add the trailer too! Great post!

  6. sounds like a lovely movie, haven't see it yet but will see it for sure, love French movies!And audrey is such a good actress x

  7. What a cute and romantic movie. I'll have to rent this. Just in time for Valentine's Day! :)

  8. Thank you for the recommendation, haven't seen this one. European movies are so different from those "made in Hollywood" ones, the first ones always tell a story better.