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Biba France February 2011
i-D magazine is like a cool friend who wears Isabel Marant and Zadig & Voltaire and has a very fresh attitude towards fashion and life in general. I bought the winter issue because I loved the cover and realised that, unlike in a typical fashion mag, there were quite a few articles suitable for reading and digesting rather than just swallowing like a sugar-overloaded ice-cream.

Most importantly, the entire issue was dedicated to health and that vital holistic the body + the mind connection. And let me tell you that the result was beyond beautiful and inspirational!

Here’s a (long) quote from i-D’s “The greatest wealth is health” article that I would like to share with you. Absorb it with every cell of your body and make it your new year motto because, after all, nothing is more beautiful than you and the way you feel inside.

“Health is eight hours of sleep. Health is jumping out of bed. Health is the sun in the sky. Health is five-a-day. Health is nuts, seeds and pulses. Health is a smoothie, Health is a brisk stroll. Health is a gentle jog. Health is touching the sky. Health is touching your toes. Health is spreading your wings. Health is not worrying about health. Health is eight glasses of water a day. Health is feeling good about yourself frim the inside out. Health is shiny skin and glossy hair. Health is dark chocolate. Health is a glass of red wine with your meal. Health is a little of what you fancy does you good. Health is fresh air. Health is climbing the tree. Health is not climbing the walls. Health is a spring in your step. Health is laughing out loud. Health is singing at the top of your lungs. Health is a natural high. Health is good friends and family. Health is a state of mind. Health is not a luxury. Health is a human right. Health is global. Health is social. Health is a lottery. Health is an investment for the future. Health is private. health is happiness. Health is what you make of it.”

Photo source: Biba France February 2011


  1. Beautiful and so true! It's funny how you think you know all these things, but someone has to put it in words in front of you to remind you all these little steps that make a huge difference. xo

  2. Wonderful inspiring article indeed. Thank You for sharing. Xxxx

  3. You know I've never actually bought this magazine?! I will buy it this week and report back though! My greatest find of last year was the gentlewoman.

    I would love to see an outfit post from you once in a while! You have such impeccable taste!!

  4. Incredibly true! I love the emphasis on health instead of a certain type of appearance. Perfect!


  5. Perfect post - esp for today - words to live by xx

  6. Oh, Little Rus, this quote is such a good start of the year! I love it and I just want to let you know that from you I learn that a grapefruit in the morning is divine! ;* I would say "Health is dark chocolate and a grapefruit in the morning"! How about that!? ;)

  7. That quote is fun!

    These ideas agree with me, okay not the 8 glasses of water thing. I've never understood that 'theory' and that is something my body certainly does not call for. But touching my toes ... yes ;-)

  8. The greatest wealth is health.
    I love that quote!

  9. oh i love what is said about health here. really thank you for sharing the greatest wealth is health article darling!
    love and kiss,mary

  10. Just an interesting blog! :) I really like your photos :) Best wishes from Germany

  11. Natalia, first of all, I wish you a wonderful 2012! And this is the perfect post to start thinking about New Year resolutions...mine include beaing healthier by going to the gym more than 4 times per year...

  12. I am going to check out the magazine! Health has got to become a #1 priority for me so I really hope I can get my hands on this issue!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  13. posts like this one make me wanna be as talented blogger as you one day.
    although i have a long road infront of me to write posts as inspiring as you. i can always dream
    thank u so much for sharing this kind of posts with us.
    in a world that promots a certain type of beauty and lifestyle its refreshing to find out blogs that promote true beauty that comes from within.