Shopping list 2012


Marie Claire Russia April 2011
I like making lists for everything including my wardrobe. The list keeps me focused and helps to avoid impulse buys unless I fall in love with something.

This year I need just a few things to be happy and well-dressed (well so I say). They may not always compliment each other as far as the list goes, but will certainly work as much needed additions and finishing touches for the things I’ve already got.

1. Silk loose-fitted shirt in ivory or white, two front pockets. It’ll probably be an investment piece because a shirt of this nature is timeless and goes with pretty much anything. I’m thinking fitted dark blue jeans and high heel sandals for the day or pencil skirt with pumps for whenever. This shirt would also look beautiful with the item no. 2

2. Cigarette trousers in charcoal grey, ideally wool with 5% lycra.

3. Red suede high heel pumps, very classic, no platform, made for walking. Shape-wise they need to be sort of Zanotti meets Marant or similar to those D&G pictured above. Shoes like these can be worn with anything – that’s the best thing about them.

4. Platform sandals with that combine three different shades, one being tan. The thought behind is that they would look beautiful with jeans (hems rolled up) and classic trench or very feminine summer dress, so the finished look isn’t too “Stepford Wife”. KurtGeiger Spring 2012 collection looks very promising.

5. White blazer. I don’t have one, I want and need one and I hardly ever wear black, hence the choice of colour. I’ll be happy with anything as long as it’s not made of poly or linen.

6. Floral dress. It’s a tempting piece of own not only because it’s the essence of summer and femininity, but also I’m finally breaking into the prints area – I’m still pretty new to prints, but I’ve got a craving for them.

7. Pleated knee-length skirt from Reiss. It became an obsession since I wrote about the spring 2012 collection a couple of weeks ago. It’s so Chloe Spring 2012 and I love it.

8. Statement necklace. I’ve been looking for my perfect piece for ages and decided that this year is the time to get one. Lets just hope me and the necklace will find each other sooner rather than later. Boticca is a good place to start as they have one-off and unique pieces.

9. Sunglasses that suit my face and budget. Very classic shape.

10. Plastic fantastic accessories, most likely some bracelets in every shade of gelato. It’s possible that I’ll just make them. Otherwise will probably shop in Mango, FOREVER21, or Accessorize or something. Ebay is also a great source for one-off pieces suitable for both 5-year-olds and Prada and Dolce loving fashionstas.

And that’s about it. I know a lipstick or two will make their way to my bag at some point, but really I don’t think I will be needing anything else. What about you? Do you have your own list for 2012 or, say, spring/summer?

Photo source: Marie Claire Russia April 2011


  1. I always make lists! Right now my list for 2012 is still very short though (like 4 pieces and I've already found one in the very first week of the year haha - seems very promising, no?) I like your list as well. Number 1 is the same as mine btw ;) x

  2. Great list! I think I should do one too! Maybe it helps me to do reasonable and not impulsive shopping = )

  3. I am also new into the prints area and I am still a little bit reticent (just received a wonderful silk shirt but has a lot of golden prints - pretty strange - with golden little buttons and could not decide if it is super print or low print maybe I'll show it to you on my blog to advice :D) :*

  4. Bright colored chinos.

    Khaki suit.

  5. I love lists: both preparing my own and looking at others (especially by ladies with very good taste like you) to take inspiration! I haven't started the 2012 one because the winter sales kept me busy with getting what I was 'stalking' in the previous season...Yours is so nice! Regarding the silk shirt, if I can give you a suggestion, have a look at Maje because they have great pieces and for statement necklaces try Yoox as they have many brands and wide selection. Keep us posted!

  6. So mad busy i havent even got there but i know i will love it when i do and yes a floral will be on there - and i know i am going to be loving designing, sourcing fabric and having lots of maxis made - they are such a go to for summer for me xx

  7. How diligent of you! I always end up doing impulsive buys- but I managed to get some shorts and springy stuff in the Net A Porter sale.

    You know what? I don't own a white blazer either! Cream jute blends yes, but simple and white no. Perhaps it's time!

  8. That's really smart. It keeps you on track financially too. I've just started putting one together.

  9. I wonder, is this your list or mine? :)These would complement my wardrobe so nicely. If I want a pair of red shoes (not sandals) then they must be suede-much more elegant. I love making lists too and yours is really inspiring, my dear. I hope you're having a wonderful day! xo
    PS: I'm glad you like my Pinterest. I often forget to use it, but it's such a great way to save all the inspiring photos I find :)

  10. Very nice list! And i love the color of the bag. <3


  11. I love your thoughtful list...I recently splurged and crossed lots of things off my mental list--can't believe how our lists are amazingly similar--only different colors. I also really want a pair of fabulous bright platforms, right now wanting the Bottega Venetta ones, and just got a classic navy blazer (but still need white) + picked up some fun green plastic you are inspiring me to list all the things I still need!

    xo Mary Jo

  12. I like your tip on statement necklaces here. Even though I have a spending ban right now I'm adding more and more to my wish list each day. This year I want a lovely chambray shirt to go with my other denim. And a necklace, just like you do!

  13. Love this list! There are some items on yours that are also on mine. Well, I haven't written it down, it's just in the back of my mind ;)

  14. Nice list!

  15. Ох! Классный лист! А вот я все никак не решусь свой составить.

  16. I like the list idea! An ivory lace pencil skirt was my top thing to buy this year too!
    I just started following you, what a cool blog :)

    ~Abi K