NYFW: simply red


Liu Wen in Vogue China October 2009 (photography: Kai Z Feng, styling: Jamie Surman),
There was so much red on a Fall 2012 catwalk… So much red… that it deserved a separate post. As I was browsing through the looks, my mind-based player kept switching between immortal “Lady in Red” and more morning appropriate and still quite recent “It’s beginning to look like Christmas”…

Designers took care of everything - daywear, evening wear, coats, dresses, gowns, skirts and knits that can find new happy homes comes autumn.

As for me… I don’t wear red, I am too shy and too Eastern European. I love it, but it makes me look quite unwell because my Slavonic complexion isn’t suitable for such a vibrant colour worn head to toe. I also believe that red clothes, just like red lipstick, require perfect skin otherwise every single pimple will stand out even more than the frock, so if you do love red, you’ve also got to love your skin and art of make-up.

This morning I am craving some extra energy and red colour works just as good as an intravenous shot of espresso.

Carmen Marc Valvo Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Diane von Furstenberg Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Donna Karan Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Victoria Beckham Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Jason Wu Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Herve Leger Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Jenny Packham Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Narciso Rodriguez Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Reed Krakoff Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Rachel Comey Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Monique Lhuilier Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
St John Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Monique Lhuilier Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Lela Rose Fall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Christian SirianoFall/winter 2012 | red trend | inspiration
Photo source: Liu Wen in Vogue China October 2009 (photography: Kai Z Feng, styling: Jamie Surman), red on the Fall/Winter 2012 runway at Carmen Mark Valvo, Diane von Furstenberg, Victoria Beckham, Donna Karan, Herve Leger, Lela Rose, Jason Wu, Jenny Packham, Christian Siriano, Rebecca Minkoff, Monique Lhuillier, Carolina Herrera, Narciso Rodrigues, Rachel Comey, Reed Krakoff, St John via stylebistro.com


  1. I am crazy for red!!! adore it!!!!

    love K

  2. me too, I hardly wear red as I feel I don't have the outgoing attitude to match :(

  3. I have always thought of red clothes and lipstick as more suitable for brunettes until the blond divas from Hollywood prove that I was so wrong. So, blond with blue eyes (me) never used red lipstick (seldom red clothes) until last year when I had a revelation and bought my Dior lipstick that I very much cherish and feel more beautiful when I use it. I very much like the red coat from DVF.

    PS: Natalie, I am trying to write you an email with a request, but I can't directly from your blog, can you please contact me at fashionsensitive@gmail.com. Thank you!

  4. I don't wear red either but I love it on others. But for this summer I'm going to find wedges in neutral and red. I have them pictured in my mind, just haven't found them yet ;-) Maybe I'll add a red Chanel nail polish to the equation, who knows ;-)

    1. Lisa, I'm looking for red shoes and/or wedges, too. I actually got a couple of pairs of wedges on my shopping list, I'm just waiting for sales and offers. As far as the shoes go, I almost almost bought the perfect pair - was so close, but my size wasn't available any more.
      By the way, wedges would be absolutely perfect for walking around Paris. ;)

  5. You're so lovely! Thank you so much for your comment, it really means a lot. I totally agree that for all the hype now she isn't going to endure. And I can't believe you're classically trained, that's amazing! I wish I could sing.

    This is a great post too. I can't believe how much red there is going on already. I've really come round to red in the last few years. I love it although I don't wear it much. I have quite a few bits of burgundy but what I really want is a poppy red dress. Does require great skin though which is a bummer. Still love it though.


    1. Oh, you made me smile ear to ear. :) I do like to stick this "trained" thing in conversations from time to time. One of my teachers wanted me to be an opera singer (can you imagine?!)... Thank God, I decided to choose something different. Although the voice is still here somewhere, only I don't use it that much - don't want to freak some people out. :D

  6. Yes!!!:-)*
    Have a very inner hot day,dear Little Rus!!!

    That's true..........Lady in Red let you thinking about something special!
    Much red color heats up and makes an ''finishing touch'' accent in all your look.

    Keep it warm:-)*


  7. I loved seeing so much red, and especially the deeper tones, on the catwalk. I would never wear head-to-toe red, but I do love to liven up my neutral toned wardrobe with a red dress, and most of all, a red pair of shoes-but thy must be suede-or bag (I do own a red tote, but I'm craving a red clutch). But you are right, not every shade of red works for me, so I have to be very careful what I choose. Wishing you a very beautiful day, my dear! xo

    1. Ada, I am looking for those red suede shoes, too. I actually found a pair, it was so perfect, but they didn't have my size... :( Somehow I don't believe in red leather for accessories and also prefer suede, it feels and looks so luxurious. xxx

  8. So true! Well for me, it's going to be all about the red bag come fall 2012. And I do love the new nude+red pairings too. For summer I'm adding a nude/red/navy bag to my line.

    xo Mary Jo

  9. Red bag sounds wonderful! Just like you and Ada, I adore red accessories with nudes. Really looking forward to seeing your new designs! xxx

  10. i love all this red... very sexy!!!

    1. oh i know i´m repeating me but for me red is the queen of all colours, no colour makes a woman look so divine and feminine and sexy!
      beautiful dresses!
      love and kiss,mary

  11. I love red...and seeing ladies in red...and man. The colour of passion is becoming the colour of fashion!