And again, Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012


dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-3

I just can’t get enough of the gorgeous close-ups of the latest Dolce&Gabbana ready to wear collection. The amount of work, time and creativity that went into these garments and accessories make it very difficult not to refer to them as Haute Couture…

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-4

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-7

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-12

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-8

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-9

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-10

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-11

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-14

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-13

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-15

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-17

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  1. The close-ups make me see every garment with different eyes. Oh, that black dress in the 5th photo! And I spot some earrings that might be gorgeous. Wishing you a wonderful day, my dear Little Rus! xo

    1. It's very true, Ada. The close-ups create a totally different story that is so difficult to imagine by looking at "full height" images or while watching a video. xxx

  2. It's a treat for the eyes. Thanks for posting the accessories! This is my first time viewing them. Exquisite!!! I love the handbags, jewelry and hair items. :)

    1. Glad you liked it, Kim! I am also loving the dress from the top photo. So wish it was mine... :)

  3. This is really amazing work.................!!!
    That´s excuisitely piece of Art!
    I can look at this again and again and again:-)*


  4. Just lovely. All the tiny flowers are so sweet. I wonder if I could DIY those glasses... x

  5. Hello my sweet! How are you? Just because my latest long comment disappeared I'll write everything in text and copy/paste it now.... :-P Getting the feeling there's something wrong with Blogger sometimes.
    However - thanks so much for your comment to my last blog entry. I discovered it's making more fun to write and share about stuff that's fascinating me. Even if it's to write about series... Lol. The second part is online since today.

    I'm not a fan of Dolce & Gabbana at all. You know, it's one of those labels I don't have in stock - just like Marni etc. But with this collection I must say it's just opulent and gorgeous! The glasses are my favorite here as well as the hair accessories.... <3 The print of the dress is also very beautiful. Giving this collection a triple A ;)

    Happy Wednesday my love!!!!
    Yours Sofie xxxxxxxxx

  6. Those pearls and those embroidery dresses and shoes and handbags are perfect, I think I can not find the best word to describe it! I need a pearl bag now :)))), Little Rus! Have a lovely day! :*

  7. That is a thing isn't it, that more and more the pret-a-porter collections are resembling couture (I mean, McQueen?!!). I adored this collection as well, the sunglasses! ahh...

  8. D&G, amazing as always, never ordinary.

  9. Even if I'm not a huge fan of Dolce & Gabbana or anything too baroque-inspired, these clothes are magnificent work of creativity and the details are exquisite!

  10. The accessories in this collection are truly amazing. When I saw McQueen in NYC I realised the phenomenal amount of work that goes into this standard of pieces. Some just take your breath away...