Marni for H&M: a dress, a skirt and a bracelet


Aymeline Valade Marni for H&M
In the entire history of H&M collaborations with designers and celebrities, Marni was the very first one who got me really (REALLY) excited. Of course, I loved the idea of Lanvin for H&M, too, but it just wasn’t THAT tempting for me, especially after my darling friend kindly reminded me of the real Lanvin hanging in my wardrobe. “Why would you bother”, she said. “You’ve already got your Lanvin.”

Marni was different. My ultimate Marni love has always been their statement jewellery, but I’ve never allowed myself to buy any because, ultimately, it was too expensive for what it was. H&M made it affordable to the point of stocking up like there’s no tomorrow. If only it was that easy…

For days I browsed and browsed the Marni for H&M lookbook, dreaming until the day has finally come. I got up in the morning, fed my lovely pupster, made myself breakfast and a cup of green tea and sat in front of my computer ready to shop. I must admit, I would give it a miss if I had to go to the actual shop. Having spent most of my childhood and adult life queuing, I wasn’t prepared to do it again. More over, I didn’t want to get up at a crack of dawn (I’ve heard of people camping by H&M entrance at 3:30am!) and drag myself to the shops. It’s too early, too crowded, too  much of a pain and not so very much me. I am a dedicated online shopper, particularly when it comes to collaborations and very much intend to keep it that way.

And there I was… Browsing the pieces beautifully displayed on my screen, carefully judging every magnified pixel. Of course, I wanted the necklaces and a couple of bracelets before anything else, but the cream patterned skirt and colour block dress were also on my wish list just in case I get lucky.

At exactly 9:00 I pressed the “buy” button, the screen blinked and the shiny silver picture was replaced by a heart-breaking “you are placed in a queue” message. I got up, made myself another cup of tea and decided to do some paperwork while waiting and periodically pressing the “try again” button. Cool as a cucumber.

30 minutes later I was granted the access. The necklaces were still there, and so were the dresses, skirts and bracelets, waiting to be mine. I quickly placed the white necklace, chunky cuff and a colour-block dress in my basket and went through the checkout. By the time I was done with my credit card details, the necklace was gone forever. The good news was that I managed to get the cuff and the blue and orange silk dress. I was happy.

Just for fun, I returned to the website, managed to log in straight away and 2 minutes later emerged with a cream skirt, blue patterned dress and a pair of orange plastic earrings.

There was still plenty of everything left (apart from the necklaces), but it was a lovely  morning and pupster needed his walk and so off we went.

It was a good experience to remember and certainly a brilliant way to acquire some beautiful pieces for a lot less of their full-blown Marni equivalents. Once the whole over the top excitement faded away, I decided to return the blue dress and earrings, so will only keep the dress, bracelet and skirt.
marni for hm silk dress ski
I did develop a few rules and I guess, they helped me to get what I wanted, so here is a list just in case you may find it useful:

1. Be prepared in advance: browse the lookbook, select what you like and stick with the list.

2. Register your details before the sale. If you don’t you will definitely lose precious minutes and some of your purchases. If you can add and save your card details, it will make your life even better.

3. Make sure that you are logged in on the day.

4. Know your sizes. If unsure, go for everything in two sizes and return the ones that don’t fit.

5. Check out several times if necessary as it may increase your chances of getting every single item you want. You will have to pay extra delivery charge, but it really is worth it.

6. Sometimes you are only allowed one item from each category, so if you really want to have a pair or simply increase your chances of success, team up with a friend, lovely neighbour or relative and shop from two computers with two credit cards.

7. Shopping on-line makes it easier to return the items because you are protected by consumer right policy for on-line shopping and can return everything you didn’t like without any problems within a timing period that often differs from the one in a regular shop.

8. Have fun! I always remind myself that if something is no longer there, it wasn’t meant to be mine and isn’t worth my time and emotions.

P.S. Still wish I got the white necklaces, though…


  1. If only H&M shipped to New Zealand and I could heed your advice!

    Andrea x

  2. I know what you mean in that it was the first collaboration that SERIOUSLY got me psyched. But guess what?! I was at work, super busy and completely forgot... et voila! Sold out :(

    I do love the pieces you got! (And the description of the morning!)

  3. Haha my "Marni at H&M morning" was very similar to yours ;) still waiting for my delivery now though!

  4. Your purchases are gorgeous! Seeing the beautiful colour block dress makes me feel painfully sorry that I couldn't make it to the shops and that I wasn't prepared to shop online either. Just one of those crazy days I couldn't get out of. I can not believe I missed the chance and I really do not know when there will be another collaboration as exciting as this one. xo

  5. Ah I'm so bad at online shopping- I always um and ah over something for a few days.. then when I finally decide to buy it it's out of stock :( Hence I will defs use your tips!!

  6. Isn't online shopping the greatest thing ever? I'm hooked now and could never go back to standing in queues and waiting for change rooms! Love the pieces you picked up - that blue dress is fabulous! Great tips too xx

  7. I do like the first outfit. Was not really familiar with Marni, I'm not good on brands etc though. Don't shop online myself but I like your number eight philosophy.

  8. :)))) You made me laugh, all the people in the office are staring at me because I have a big smile on my face because I remembered I have spent a couple of hours when H&M opened in Romania, it was crazy and there was no Marni then! So, queue at the entrance, queue at the wardrobe for nothing! I promised myself not to do that ever again! So, your online solution is perfect, Little Rus! Have a wonderful day :*

  9. Good for you - and impressive shopping - bet they will look truly fab xx

  10. This is so awesome! You obtained some fabulous pieces. I'm so glad it wasn't stressful and you got what you wanted. Preparation is definitely key when it comes to events like this. Enjoy Everything!

  11. Ah, I just saw a white necklace that had been returned. After being informed that people were camping overnight and being given wristbands to enter first, I lost the desire...but I was so excited up to that point...I've been hearing disappointment over the quality, which is apparently different than the look book. Guess the final fall out will happen toward the end of this week as all the returns will be flooding the stores. I did want a bracelet, so I may end up going back to see if one turns up.

    xo Mary Jo

  12. Well done you for getting something! It had all sold out by the time I got to the store!
    Would love you to stop by my blog...if you love please follow & I'll follow you back!
    Happy Tuesday hun xoxo

  13. These are fantastic tips! I'm always terrified of online shopping when it comes to good sales or collabs, but after reading your advice, I might actually ATTEMPT it in the future. Lol.

    Looks like you snagged some immensely fabulous items! ;)

  14. Natalia, I loved this story. Unfortunately H&M doesn't have online shopping in Belgium, hence for Viktor & Rolf, Lanvin and Marni I had to plan missions 'on the field' (and I become a specialist...). Your advice is really useful (shared it on my post from today) and I'm really glad you managed to get these beautiful pieces!

  15. Really useful tips, love everything you bought, especially the skirt! XX


  16. What a fabulous post. I could gotally imagine you at the computer, shopping, brwosing, waiting,... And yu were rewarded with gorgeous pieces.
    I also really like your attitude, if you don't get what you want, it was not meant to be yours in the first place.
    This post definitely put a smile on my face.


  17. Wow, you got some great stuff- good for you!!

  18. post is simply ingenious,Natali:-)*

    And you write about it in the mostly great way!
    Thank you so,so very much for share this link,really stunning!!!


  19. You did brilliantly. Great tips and advice. I totally agree with tip No. 8. Have lived by this rule for a long time now. Xxxx

  20. The thing about the Marni collection is that I liked it especially the prints, but most of the items don't fit my style. The necklaces were gorgeous though. i think they were everyone's favourite.