Paris fashion week favourites



And so, just for once, there is a story rather than an editorial to share on this beautiful Monday morning.

And just like that Paris Fashion Week, the most exciting, sparkling and glamorous of them all, is over. I always feel a bit sad when it comes to an end as I can enjoy Parisian delights for as long as Paris is happy to generously share them with me.

And there is a list of my unforgettables…

Chloe’s casual elegance with scrumptious cosy coats, signature oh-so-Parisian drop waist silhouette, floaty skirts and delicate lace details.







Lanvin’s collection was probably one of my most favourite ones Alber Elbaz ever did. It was perfect in a way it was structured to fit the body where necessary without losing an ability to flirt with the audience with the help of glittering appliques and yards and yards of draping and crinoline-free deliciousness of full skirts.







Sonia Rykiel looked French and like something a woman could through on first thing in the morning and still look good all day long. It was very inspiring because many looks could have been created with less expensive pieces without loosing the magic.





I also loved Stella McCartney’s sporty, edgy and impeccably tailored clothes. She made me want to wear a suit, something that’s been Mission Impossible until now.







And Valentino, of course, for how can a woman not love those tulip shapes, leather that looks like French lace and feels like butter, not to mention all the pleating, embroidery and princess-worthy glamour?






In addition, there was, of course, Christian Dior that I’ve already dedicated an entire post to.

On the opposite end of the scale was, of course, the one and only Marc Jacobs whom people keep referring to as genius. I am yet to figure out why because the only things I keep thinking of include his carousel extravaganza that was obviously inspired by Chanel Fall/Winter 2008-2009 collection and then the latest Fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection that made me think of Karl’s Chanel Cruise 2007/2008 show again. I guess, using the plane would be too obvious, so Mr Jacobs went for the more budget and space friendly train option. Oh well… Not that I am very surprise. His 2008 Gosta Olofsson’s case and and well-known Oscar de la Renta’s claim about Mr Jacobs being “a mere copyist” are more then enough to prove my point.

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  1. It's no surprise to find a few of my favourites here, but I've already blogged about them, so I won't repeat myself. But I'm even happier to read your thoughts on Marc Jacobs. I've said it numerous times and I'll say it again: he is a good marketing man, but there is a huge difference between that and a talented designer, not to mention genius of fashion. And isn't it just so predictable to constantly find elements of his own line in the Louis Vuitton collections? xo

  2. Hi,dearest Little Rus:-)*

    Such fantastic beginning of the week!

    I'am also inspired by all these great talented minds in Paris..............
    Yes,Lanvin and Valentino just really elegant,stylish and SOoooooooooooooooooooooo stunning delicate work!!!

    And truly,Stella Mc.Cartney,she required my and absolutely stolen my heart with her divine bizarre patern consructions in a coats!!!

    Wish you a very good Spring,sunny week ahead,

    My virtual hugs,

  3. you are amazing!!! cute pics!!!! and your blog is so cool!!!!

  4. Both the Lanvin + Chloe shows were incredible. I'm seeing lots of blue and navy which is refreshing + those beautiful Chloe coats are divine xx

  5. Natalia, this is a selection of beautiful looks! I particularly like the Valentino collection: with Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli the designs have become fresh, romantic while maintaining the iconic femininity of the Valentino label. I wish you a nice week!

  6. Сколько красоты! Спасибо!

  7. love the pink coat and the blue dress, what an amazing collections from paris :) xxx

  8. I like the beige/butter and red lace from Valentino and Chloe, the electric blue of Stella, the wool clothes of Sonia Rykiel, so almost everything you posted, lovely for a busy girl that did not have time to watch the entire Fashion Week. For me, LV was an amazing show, maybe because I did not know about the middle name of MJ, i.e. "a mere copyist”. Have a wonderful start of the week, Natalia!

  9. Hello my sweet, wishing you a great start to the new week! (miiiiiissssing you badly)
    You know - I'm trying not to write I LOVE when I don't mean it ;) but today I have to say I LOVE what you said about Marc Jacobs! TRUE TRUE TRUE. Some of the Louic Vuitton designs were great - but the only collection of MJ I liked was S/S 2004 - and then - never again. Actually I feel bored about his designs - and I always having trouble to understand the ridiculous high prices at his own line. I'm always like WHAT?????!!
    It seems I'm the only person again who didn't fall for Chloé ;) But I'm head over heels for the Valentino collection. They're doing such a fabulous job there! Now, when it's getting warmer again I'm happy to wear my Valentino for GAP ruffled parka :) It's such a stunning item.
    Big hug to you!!! Hi to Ozzy!

  10. My favourite piece here is the Chloe rust red. I could really see myself in this. Beautiful. Xxxx

  11. Christian Dior was simply awesome! I love the draping of the Lanvin collection. Beautiful post! :D

  12. Paris Fashion Week totally rocked my socks this season. There were so many great looks.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. Lanvin and Valentino are my favorite ones, what a handcraft !

  14. Loved the Lanvin collection! The colors so chic, the dusty blue in particular! The style is so elegant and full:)
    Hope you having a great week Little Rus:) xoxo