Weekend sign off


dior rene gruau

This week was definitely the most intense fashion week for me. Admittedly, I enjoyed creating my Dior posts, but a part of me, the tiniest part, wished I didn’t start this writing marathon. Combined with daily work and chores, it was just a little bit too much. Oh well… Dior deserves a few sleepless night, doesn’t he?

Tomorrow I will post the last story and today I just want to share a couple of links. The first one is for Dior Mag, an on-line diary of stories and videos available via official Dior website. If you love Christian Dior, you will definitely enjoy it. The other link is for Pathe website where you can view short videos from the archives – so very precious.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Always yours,


Photo source: Illustration by René Gruau for Christian Dior


  1. Thank you so much for the links. :) I'm saving the archive videos (how did you find these?-so happy you did) for a quiet moment when I can fully enjoy them. Have a beautiful Saturday! xo

  2. Just catching up on your beautiful Dior posts now! Wishing you a wonderful weekend xx

  3. This sketch is ennormeously nice...............I LOVe,LOVE,LOVE Dior World so very much!!!

    Have a great weekend,dearest Natali:-)))*


  4. That's a fantastic illustration!