Natalia Vodianova in Chanel little black jacket


Natalia Vodianova by Lagerfeld in Chanel Little Black Jacket. The Little black jacket exhibition
I woke up this morning feeling on a sleepy side. The rain wasn’t helping… And so I ended up sitting in my kitchen, staring at the window while sipping my delicious vegetable juice, trying to decide if I could allow myself a day of doing nothing, a frivolous activity that was indeed out of the question. I wanted to write something beautiful, but the inspiration was stuck somewhere between the Universe and Gatwick terminal and definitely chose to leave me on my own. Mostly wordless.

It’s Natalia Vodianova in a Chanel’s little black jacket photographed by Lagerfeld. My most favourite image of them all.


  1. I could not think of a lovelier photo--just amazing!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I only wish I could call at least once a week at the office and inform them that I want a day for me, just do nothing, laying in my bed with a book and magazines, of course with my lazy cats. So, take your day, dear Little Rus!

  3. It seems about right to be your favourite image. It's gorgeous! xo
    Too bad you're having rainy weather. I would be happy to send some sunshine and warmth your way, it's so hot that I would gladly switch to a few rainy days. :)

  4. Two perfect people met each other: the utterly talanted photographer/designer and the incredibly beautiful can it be not perfect?!:)
    I'm crazily tired of rain as well...