Linda Evangelista in Vogue Italia


vogue italia october 1989 linda lindbergh-1

A precious editorial from the October issue of Italian Vogue that takes my breath away. You live a story full of emotions just by looking at those photos of Linda taken by Peter Lindbergh. In one word – super.

P.S. Don’t you just love the natural, almost free from retouching, photo finish?

vogue italia october 1989 linda lindbergh-2

vogue italia october 1989 linda lindbergh-3

vogue italia october 1989 linda lindbergh-6

vogue italia october 1989 linda lindbergh-4

vogue italia october 1989 linda lindbergh-5

vogue italia october 1989 linda lindbergh-7

Photo source: Vogue Italia October 1989


  1. I never likes her look too much but in here, she's a real beauty

  2. Wauw it's indeed so crazy that there was a time without photoshop.... Love the pictures!!


  3. How can I not love her natural beauty and the almost free from retouching photos, such a rarity nowadays? Thank you for these gorgeous editorials with Linda you've been sharing. They have reminded me who my all time favourite model is. :)

  4. I love her, she's such a beauty. Now following you, maybe you can check my blog and follow back if you like it

  5. Beautiful!!!


  6. You know, she used be my favourite model and this editorial proves that she really was one of the best super models of her day.
    For some reason, i am not liking her these days. Don't know why, she now looks a little bit too sharp or something.
    Great balst ffrom the past Little Rus.

    Red x

  7. Her, Naomi, Cindi, and Mila are still gorgeous in my opinion. i always admire Mila when I see her in the loreal ads.

  8. She had such an amazing feminine but androgynous look in this shoot. Love the white shirt image--makes me want to fill my closet with them!
    Happy Monday Natalia!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. Ah please bring back the era of the supermodels! Lovely pics and yes very refreshing to not see the usual retouched photos.