Weekend sign off



Sometimes my need to blog feels borderline strange and pointless. Perhaps, it’s my cold talking… I do feel a bit down because of it, I must admit. It was almost gone, within just a couple of days and so I decided to get back to exercise. And it was the most silly idea to come up with! Working out in a cold room gave me a temporary burst of endorphin-induced joy, but got me back to day one as far as the cold was concerned.

The rest of the week that followed such a magnificently ridiculous decision was spend looking pretty unglamorous in  layers of knitwear, box of tissues on stand-by.

I blogged because I felt the need to blog, but I kept thinking if the world would actually remember Fashioned by Love if I suddenly stopped. Do you ever think about importance of your blog and responsibilities that come with it?

Anyway… The week happened to be pretty eventful for the fashion world.

H&M site crushed following the company announcement about new collaboration with Martin Margiela.

Christian Louboutin 20th anniversary capsule collection was released.

Fendi celebrated the 15th birthday of their Baguette bag.

Devil Wears Prada sequel was confirmed for release in 2013.

Chloe has been preparing to celebrate its 60th anniversary with a special 'Chloe. Attitudes' exhibition.

And the season of summer sales has began… Should you feel like shopping, Browns, Monica & Joe, Bastyan, MONNIER Frères, Anthropologie and KurtGeiger are most recommended.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Always yours


Photo source: Vogue Russia June 2012


  1. FashionedByLove has become such a precious source of fashion news, editorial flashbacks and what-to-look-for hints for me that I'd be really disappointed if it suddenly stopped existing. Please keep sharing your fashioned by love thoughts with us, whenever you feel so! Thanks!

  2. I just let out a little squeal when I read that there is a sequel coming out to the Devil Wears Prada - cannot wait for this one! Hope you are feeling better lovely lady, a cold can make you feel crappy + think bad thoughts, but it will be over before you know it :) xx

  3. Dear Little Rus!

    You blog shoud be missed if do you want whenever stop................I know it because in this way wich do you make your posts are not so much peoples in a Blogland world:-)*

    Thank you so very much for ALL great information from the Fashion World from past en present!
    It's really gives me almost daily inspirations and much,much pleasure:-)))*

    Wish you absolutely enjoyable weekend,my dear virtual girlfriend:-)))*

    Send you love and warm hugs from Holland,

  4. I hope you feel better soon Natalia--nothing worse than a cold during summer. I have been experiencing the social media blahs myself this past week or so...the beautiful weather just makes me want to forget the computer, and I don't think that's a bad thing! Wishing you a happy weekend!
    xo Mary Jo

  5. Oh dear... Try not to listen to the negativity, it's just because you're run down. I hope the cold clears up and you feel better soon. x

  6. I would remember Dior week, and the stylish quotes by Hepburn for sure :-) Sometimes I feel that my blog is a little too much work, when that happens I just take a break. I admire the thought that goes into your articles, and I like the little connection from our comments, too.


  7. I am sorry to hear you're still not feeling better. Get well soon!

    I do believe that people would remember Fashioned by Love if you stopped blogging (which I'm begging you not to). I've been having a few conversations with two other blog friends of mine lately on this subject. I know work can get hectic and life can overwhelm you, but blogging relaxes me, makes me happy and I don't regard it as something I have to do just because my readers have gotten used to finding a new post on my blog 6 days a week. I try to find a little time for it every day because it's a way to find balance in my life. But whenever you start feeling that's become a pressure you simply have to take time off to think things over and set your priorities. Your readers would understand and they would still be there whether you blog 2 times or 7 times a week. Because I believe in the quality of your blog readers.

    I wish you a wonderful Sunday, my dear! I'm sending some sunshine your way! xoxo

  8. Dear Natalia, I hope you'll get well very soon! Reading your blog is a real pleasure and I always find something new - a photo, a product, a quote - combine with your unique viewpoint, which makes everything very interesting. Of course it's normal to think about the point of blogging in the crowded digital universe, but everybody is different and has different style & taste, this is the beauty of it. And the beauty of your Fashioned by Love.

  9. I've been feeling what you've been feeling girl. Sometimes I just want to delete it. HAHAHA Then along comes a spread or campaign that I want to share with everybody. Instead of daily posts, I've decided to just post whenever something interests me. I also enjoy reading blogs more than posting my own stuff. LOL PLEASE don't go away! I've always enjoyed your posts Little Rus! ((HUG))

  10. Girls, THANK YOU for being the sweetest and most wonderful!!! xxx