Zara necklaces


zara june2012 lookbook

Love these necklaces so much. Such a perfect final touch to a daily outfit. Hope I won’t miss the moment when they become available. Still trying to decide which one to go for – the all-pastel option or a touch of emerald as it would definitely compliment the ever-changing colour of my eyes.

zara june2012 lookbook1

Photo source: Zara June 2012 Lookbook


  1. It's impossible to decide which one I would prefer. They are so pretty! :)

  2. Little Rus, I'll go for the emerald, but I am a great fan of green, but I think the pastel one will suit every outfit ;) Have a beautiful day!

  3. Beautiful necklaces! I want one! But I don't think they're available in stores nearby, I'll have to check online...

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  4. I think Zara keeps upping their game. So Prada-esque!

  5. they're both fabulous, indeed. OMG.... i cannot decide any more...
    actually zara is getting better and better. evil me ordered three pairs of heels - and now i cannot decide which one to return..... argh!

    i really like the model - she looks like the little sister of isabel marant. they look familiar in a way....


  6. Wow! Those are really statement making necklaces. Love the emerald one.

  7. That denim jacket is insane!! Must have it ASAP!!
    XOXO, Maria from SS

  8. At first I couldn't believe they were from Zara, because they generally focus on other accessories like bags...the first necklace is absolutely stunning!