John Galliano, the documentary


John Galliano’s inspiration board for Fall 2007 show via Numero No. 88 November 2007
This is one of my most recent finds that made me change my mind about writing the usual bio generously sprinkled with photographs. I always feel (and mentioned it several times in the past) that seeing a fashion show has an incredible power over our imagination and emotions – much stronger than any beautiful photo from a collection. Combined with a story told by Galliano himself as well as people who admire his talent turns this documentary into a precious gem. Enjoy this beautiful fashion moment…

Photo source: John Galliano’s inspiration board for Fall 2007 show via Numero No. 88 November 2007


  1. This is what I'll be watching tonight when everyone has gone to bed. Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen these before.

  2. Where do I start? I think what Diane von Furstenberg said is still true: "He's by far the biggest talent today." He combines so many things in his designs, fashion is just a part of it. It's poetry and theater and art and his endless creativity. And the shows, those incredible shows, the models looked different, they were different in his shows, Naomi, Eva, Helena, Linda, Shalom and all the others.

    There was knee length black dress in the second video. The simplicity of the line struck me, it was so perfect, and paired with that fabulous hat, the contrast was amazing.

    His first Givenchy collection was so beautiful and then Dior... And those gowns in the last video, the black one with the red flowers and the very last one, gold and black, they made me dream.

    1. I felt exactly the same, Ada. The dreaming is where he gets you... Galliano and his designs make it very easy to be lost in that world of beautiful dreams. Such a shame this movie isn't available on DVD - I would love to have a copy and watch it in better quality over and over again. x