Forces to be reckoned with


Vogue Uk May 2005
One thing you learn after living in England is how to complain. Your first lesson usually includes the subject of weather and once it’s been mastered to an art form (no conversation goes without discussing the rain and sunshine and the rest of the elements) you move to the more complicated ones. In my case, the covers of British Vogue.

I admit, I did my best not to let the steam out. I remained quiet when they made Vanessa Paradis look like a pensioner. I let it go when Cheryl Cole (do people outside the UK even know her?) became a cover star. And was later replace with Lana Del Rey. Or pregnant Sienna Miller.

I kept buying Vogue hoping for a miracle. I wanted to see a cover like the one above. Unfortunately, my luck gave up on me completely because this month I was greeted by bored and uncomfortable looking Kristen Stewart who not only got the cover but was interviewed for an article about “love and living dangerously”, too.

Frankly, I don’t really care about Kristen Stewart. I am not 12, so a mediocre actress doesn’t interest me in the slightest. The question I do have, though, is why Vogue considered it to be a norm to feature these people including a wife of Rupert Murdoch who made her way into the clan by sleeping with the man while he was still married. Vogue referred to her as a “force to be reckoned with”. Ironically, a few pages apart, there was another article, about Adele, who was also introduced as “a force to be reckoned with”.

Sienna got a cover and a photo shoot because she fell pregnant. Is it really a Vogue-worthy piece of news?

Now Stewart cheated on her boyfriend and guess what? She became Miss October!

And I promised myself to stop buying the magazine because, unlike Vogue Paris, it doesn’t take my breath away any more.

I understand the need for glossies to have sponsors and financial support, but I’ve always thought that British Vogue was too classy for celebrities that are mostly suited for the pages of Hello! and OK. I can’t get my head around the fact that some talented journalists have to drop everything and spend their days writing about life of some 22-year old with no particular talent - but not of people who make fashion happen.

I’ve always thought that Vogue was about inspiring and making the world a little bit more beautiful as we pick a freshly printed copy every month. Sadly, I was wrong…

Photo source: Vogue UK May 2005, Vogue UK October 2012


  1. It's been for a while that I didn't read such an interesting article about the covers of fashion magazines. And I must say that I couldn't agree more with what you say.
    Congratulations honey!!

  2. Yesterday you made me smile with your tweet about the amazing skills (ehm, connections?!) of Kristen publicist as soon as possible! I have not read the issue, so I cannot comment on the content, but I (virtually) know you and I'm sure you have made some good points. Regarding Vogue UK covers, I personally didn't like the one with Victoria Beckham for Feb last year: OK, nice face but no styling nor clothes. And clothes is what Vogue is about.

  3. she bothers me to a whole new level... you are so right! great post!!!

    What's so interesting about Siena Miller pregnant anyways?

  4. I will tell you a secret: even if I understand English better than any other Vogue language and I would love to read the UK Vogue, I usually buy only Paris, I don't have any complains about the covers and moreover, buying Vogue is a recent activity for me. But I agree that Kristen Stewart cover is something I dislike, I do not like this girl (never did, she seams like being always high and an emo kid) and now with this new story about cheating Robert Pattinson, well...I'll stop right here, Little Rus, before saying more... Have a lovely weekend :*