Winter whites (and a practical advice)


It really is difficult to explain why we tend to wrap ourselves in black once the winter is here. I know it’s a matter of practicality – black lasts, doesn’t get dirty or highlights the abnormally red nose. I know all this and I understand the very idea behind this concept.

On the other hand we seem to deprive ourselves from way too many things – the sunlight, the vitamin D, the joy of colour, the joy... And black, whether you like it or not, is definitely not helping to cheer our inner little fashionista.

Alberta Ferretti Fall/Winter 2012
Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2012
The more I think about it, the more I want to use winter as my inspiration canvas – the white frost that reminds me of sweetly ticklish mohair, the soft delicate texture of snow that resembles cashmere knits and lambswool, the emerald leaves and burgundy berries – so few of them, just like jewels we can add to our looks and, of course, the endless dusty grey or sparkling blue sky, amber drops of sunlight and crystal ice.

It’s impossible not to love all that.

Cacharel Fall/Winter 2012
Derek Lam Fall/Winter 2012
While we’ve already fallen in love (and talked to death) with burgundy and before I move to the emerald, the colour of 2013, I really want to concentrate on those white ensembles that became one of the most beautiful trends of the Fall 2012 season.

Laura Biagiotti Fall/Winter 2012
Sportmax Fall/Winter 2012
How do you wear white? Unless you work in medical field the all-white outfit would most likely be out of your comfort zone. Although I don’t own the white coat (yet) I do have some experience of wearing white, so my tip would be to mix and match textures (think of soft fabrics and furs as the main blocks and add leather or metallics as accents) and never try to match the shades too closely – decide whether you prefer cool or warm tones by putting them against your face to suit the skin tone, and combine those instead.

Chanel Fall/Winter 2012
Max Mara Fall/Winter 2012
White accessories can be the way forward, too. Think white pumps, bag or a huge chunky white scarf, for example.

Byblos Fall/Winter 2012
 Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2012
Now the practical aspect. Not because I am boring, but for the sanity sake. A couple of weeks ago I added a white bag to my wish list and wasn’t at all surprised to hear that many of you would also like to have something white, but wouldn’t dare in fear of high maintenance that would be required.

Honestly, I think that caring for a white coat or trousers is more complicated than accessories - the coat would need to be dry-cleaned and the trousers will definitely require regular washes. Although, admittedly, the white bag is quite a statement and may require certain lifestyle adjustments, too. But lets me positive – if you love it, love conquers all.

When it comes to white accessories you just need to remember one word, “Collonil”. I first learnt about their products from the Mulberry shopping assistants – they suggested that I buy a waterstop waterproofing spray and so I did. Since then I used it on all of my bags and light coloured shoes a couple of times a year and I can honestly say that all my whites are as good as new. The white bag got a few wear&tear marks because I used it a lot (for almost five years), but the leather itself is still white. The shoes don’t have any marks at all.

You need to spray your newly acquired treasure as soon as you bring it home. Leave it to dry. Spray again. And once it’s dry you can use it for the entire season. If the weather is particularly bad, I’d spray the bags once every 2-3 months, but normally, I do it in spring and autumn.

Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2012
Last summer I also bought the cleaning foam and soft rubber to deal with a nasty denim stain and managed to remove 90% of it (I had to wait a couple of days for the product to arrive, so I lost some precious time). The foam works really well, especially on fresh stains, but you have to be careful with the rubber block because it can damage the leather if it’s too thin and delicate.

So now you know my little practical secret of wearing white for more than a season whether it’s in fashion or not.

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  1. Wait, there's a waterproofing spray for handbags? I have a creamy, whitish leather handbag that I love to bits but I can never bring it out during the winter because the water and snow stains it. I am so going to have to check this out now! (And on that note, how is you new white bag holding up? Is the spray working for it?)

    1. There really is and it works well. I wouldn't take my hand bag out in the pouring rain, but apart from that I never had problems with dust or dirt. Haven't got that bag yet - waiting for the sales. :) But as I mentioned above, I use the spray on my other white hand bag and white shoes (that I have worn in the rain, too) and it works great. x

  2. Winter whites are stunning, but I fear that I would end up grimey after a day out in town! Right now I am all about black - the perfect cover up for me and bump. Love the inspiration though.

  3. ohhh i love the last bag..... wowwwww :-)
    have a beautiful day! Kisses Kira

  4. I love total white looks for winter!
    Thanks for the comment =)

  5. I love everything in white but I haven't seen anything like this!
    These stuffs are genius.

    Mind to follow each other?

    jessie xx

  6. I've been wearing white in winter for a long time, whether it's paired with nude and camel or, why not, with black (a black full skirt and black high boots or ankle boots and white coat, that's one of my favourite looks when the winter cold is not too cold). THANK YOU for the practical advice. We'll keep it in mind for when I'll get that white bag. :)

  7. Обожаю белые одежды зимой. А спрей у нас всегда под рукой.

  8. I love winter whites looks but it´s not easy to wear with all the snow <3



  9. У меня есть белое пальто, висит в дальнем углу шкафа. Но не из-за маркого цвета, а по причине "спонтанная покупка-не подходит фасон") Красивый цвет, но для зимы не очень практичный)

  10. This was a really wonderful post! I was especially thankful that you wrote about mixing either cool or warm whites depending on your complexion. This is something that I have never ever thought about and I'm surprised with myself! Thank you for that.
    I own zero white things and this has given me courage because I really love them.

  11. This is my issue with wear white in the winter ESP in Chicago. The salt, the dirty streets, your white pants and coat will get mauled....

  12. Thank you :)



  13. I love winter whites...especially the cable knits and faux furs and things soft and fluffy and fuzzy:-)

    Great post!

    XO, Gina

  14. I wish white was my colour because I love seeing other women wearing white. I, however, look like death warmed up if I put on a white coat or a jacket. Instead of black I like going for rustic orange and army green colours in winter, but I'm not so sure that I could throw a white bag into that mix, even though I would love to.

    PS. Good luck with the truffles!

  15. I love winter white and you did a great job with this post!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  16. I wear white with caramel/cognac shades all the time. It's such a beautiful combination! :)

  17. Woow!Lovely post!i love the winter white items!

  18. So fabulous! LOVE this post! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  19. It is true that white is a high maintenance color but it is also true that it looks fabulous at all times and seasons of the year!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  20. The details of the fabric are impressive :).

  21. wow i love it *_*

  22. I love white! It's just such a chic colour to wear.


  23. Love the white-trend!!:) Great tip of you to spray the bag with water resistance spray!

  24. white is great color but it is really hard to keep it white!


  25. Really good tips! I rarely care for my nice leather or suede products and it shows! Thx!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  26. I've been really loving winter white this season, and love your thoughts on white accessories.

    Sea and Swank

  27. I love that there is a spray for handbags!! I love white but it always scares me because every time I wear the color I get a stain. This doesn't happen when I wear another color only white...weird right? On another note thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I love how you know so much about health!!

  28. I love the bag

    Nonchalant Rebel

  29. белый - это так красиво, просто ах...но с "чистой" русской зимой это почти нереально((

  30. This collection is beautiful, believe it or not I found a sweater at a thrift store similar to the main pic of this post! I am so excited to style it now!
    P.S. You should totally enter in C.Michelles Favorite Things Giveaway! I am giving away a $25 gift card to TJmaxx n’ Betsey Johnson Fragrance! Enter

  31. love white :) it's always pure and so elegant! ... you're such a talented writer! I enjoy your writing every time.

  32. That first picture with the textre on the outfit is so cool - I love textured pieces like that

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  33. wow...gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous!

  34. I also love wearing white in the winter. <3 and a white bag it's a must!

    Lali pops of colour

  35. Great tips! I love white accessories and even home decor, but it takes so much care! BTW those white bags in your pics are amazing!!!

    Rachel Ashley

  36. I love winter white. It looks so lux and reminds me of snow. For practicality purposes I usually don't wear all white, but stick to sweaters, scarves, and jackets.

    Fizz and Frosting

  37. I love this idea about using white as canvas during winter! xo Caroline

  38. Brilliant post, you've put so much research and effort into it, and it really shows! I love how pristine white looks for winter (although i cannot really be trusted around the colour). Ohhh I need this waterproofing spray too!

  39. love white! but i love cream more!

  40. Love all the white! Im so into white handbags right now :)
    And these are beautiful ^^

  41. I never took time to think it, but yesall the white stuff i got is summerish. Escept for one bag. I think its easier in winter to use it in accesories.

  42. that waterproofing spray sounds like a dream come true! i really need to look into purchasing white accessories. i love white and winter white. as you mentioned it's the care involved that holds me back from purchasing them. however, they are so beautiful! wonderful post natalia. thanks.

  43. YES, I love a little white in the winter! Totally impractical I agree but very very pretty.

    ps. Make sure you head on over to Fashion Sensitive today, think there's a little something for you...

  44. Great advice! I actually own very little white because I feel like I'm a dirt magnet whenever I wear it. Come winter, I like to wrap myself in bright colors :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  45. Where I live we don't get such cold, wet winters, so I find it really easy to keep wearing white all year round! I kinda wish I got to use protective spray but we don't really get enough rain. As soon as I saw your post I swooned because I am falling in love the Alexander Wang Pelican in white! I bought it in bandage but now I kinda wish I had the white one too!


  46. amazing post, tnx so much for sharing!

    tnx so much for stoppin by at my spot, really hope to stay in touch! =)

  47. I love white in winter. Soft cachemire shawls, crochet creamy tights, and soft pastel shades create a romantic look I feel comfortable wearing. Thank you for the practical advice btw.kisses Coco

  48. White is such an elegant shade, I love a white coat or white wool trousers, but to be honest I think I've never worn it in winter also because, with the exception of white shirts/tees, I don't own any white piece...You may remember that last summer I was tempted by a Phillip Lim Pashli in 'milk white', but then I was so worried about the care that I desisted...Thanks for this post full of beauty!