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vogue us july 2005 vodianova 

“The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”

Lucile Ball

Photo source: Vogue US July 2005

Milan fashion week favourites



I wish Milan fashion week was longer, stretched over days and even months because following it was like opening a box of treats every day – you never knew what to expect and there was always something special to enjoy.

I was lucky to watch some of the live streams and incredibly grateful to be given such an opportunity. It’s a shame that Bottega Veneta was all very much a private affair because I would love to see it in motion rather than stills that, as beautiful as they were, didn’t move me enough to talk about them much longer.

And so before we travel to the Holy Grail of fashion I want to share some of my favourite looks from the catwalks of Milan. My choice is based mainly on the gut feeling and my desire to own and wear the clothes.

Dolce & Gabbana show was as Italian as it could possibly be: the theatrical setting, the music and, of course, the clothes created for a woman who knows how beautiful she is. It was also wonderful to see how Domenico and Stefano remain so true to their philosophy and style and yet manage to play with the silhouettes, mood and fabrics in a way that’s so exciting.

dolce gabbana fall2012-7

dolce gabbana fall2012-3

dolce gabbana fall2012-1

dolce gabbana fall2012-2

dolce gabbana fall2012-5

dolce gabbana fall2012-6

I love love love this Emilio Pucci dress! It looks like a second skin that makes you look like you just walked through the moonlight. Absolutely mesmerising.


The last Jil Sander by Raf Simmons collection was a midsummer dream, so ethereal and delicate like a dance of petals in the wind. It reminded me of something designed by Yves Saint for Dior and I secretly hope that this is where Simmons will be heading…

jil sander raf simmons fall2012-5

jil sander raf simmons fall2012-1

jil sander raf simmons fall2012-2

jil sander raf simmons fall2012-3

jil sander raf simmons fall2012-4

Finally there is Sportmax. In one word: LOVE. This is a kind of sporty  and slightly edgy elegance that I crave and adore and would wear day in and day out if only I had a chance to.

sportmax fall2012-1

sportmax fall2012-7

sportmax fall2012-3

sportmax fall2012-5

sportmax fall2012-6

sportmax fall2012-9

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Natalia Vodianova in Vogue 2002



I will understand if you develop an intolerance to my weekly posts made of editorials featuring Natalia Vodianova, but I really love them and can’t help it.










Photo source: Vogue Nippon November 2002

Gorgeous Doutzen in Harper’s Bazaar



To be honest, I could easily call this editorial and post “And God created Doutzen” because she looks so incredibly beautiful that every time I look at these photos they take my breath away. There are some models that look like a work or art and she is definitely one of them.







Photo source: Harper’s Bazaar US March 2012

Weekend sign off



Last week was a mix of work and fashion for me and I really enjoyed it. I have watched Part 3 of Pardon my French, a short film A Woman Dress created by Giada Colagrande for Miu Miu, pre-fall 2012 Bottega Veneta collection, as well as two wonderful documentaries that I will definitely blog about in March.

An invite to a private sale came in out of the blue – an incredibly exciting offer I couldn’t refuse and will be telling more about as soon as I attend it.

Of course, I couldn’t ignore the news about Raf Simmons leaving Jil Sander after today’s show and his position will be filled by Jil Sander herself. There are rumours that Simmons may be heading to Dior or even YSL, but nothing has been confirmed yet. He’s been wonderful at Jil Sander, so I am sure he will do a wonderful job wherever it might be.

I also discovered that our Royals, Prince William and Kate now have a cocker spaniel puppy. I am so glad they chose a cocker – they are the most wonderful dogs in the world (and one is sleeping on my lap as we speak as it’s his post breakfast nap time).

And of course, I have been enjoying the fashion week and, apart from constantly checking the calendar on vogue website and photos on, got a chance to watch McQ, Gucci, Prada, Moschino and Versace streams.

That’s all the news and updates for now.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Always yours,


Photo source: Elle Belgium 2011

Bare minimum



We wore them as underwear and then outerwear and showed a little bit here or there and now it looks like we won’t need our bras at all, after all the efforts and thoughts.

So far neither Gucci nor Alberta Ferretti used this delicate piece of every woman’s wardrobe to stimulate imagination or provide extra coverage or support. Instead they went all sheer and bra-less giving the world a chance to see it all as nature intended.

gucci fall2012-1 

What do you think? I feel that it’s definitely a good way to go if you are watching your spendings because no longer a girl would need to worry about buying both a Gucci sheer blouse AND a gorgeous La Perla bra to match, but concentrate all her financial efforts on the blouse only.

alberta ferretti fall2012-10

It would definitely be a treat for every man’s eyes, particularly those lacking an ability to imagine things whenever the view is obstructed. On the other hand the trend can be definitely dangerous when introduced as a daywear because it will certainly affect the traffic and increase the number of accidents both on the road and in the workplace.

Should you feel like embracing the look, do consider a blazer. After all, some things are still best to be left unseen no matter how beautiful they might be.

alberta ferretti fall2012-8

Photo sources: Vogue Russia September 2010, Gucci Fall 2012, Alberta Ferretti Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Outfit inspiration: Milan fashion week


milan fashion week dolce gabbana

Outfit number 3 to celebrate one of my favourite fashion weeks. I know I am a day late as Milan fashion week officially started yesterday, but I am a creature of habits and Wednesday is a Stylish quote day, so the outfit had to wait.

On the other hand they say best things happen to those who wait, so I really hope that you will like my Milan-inspired look.

It all began with an Etro jacket that had amazing details and I wanted the outfit to reflect some of the most beautiful elements of the garment.

I picked the light blue dress because Italians are very much about femininity and sensuality and a combination of powdery colour, silk, elegant ruched details of the back (you can see it if you follow the link below) and delicate pattern of the skirt were absolutely perfect. Then I thought of the shoe option and my mind went back to this very Dolce&Gabbana pair made of macram̩ lace Рsort of the same pattern as the front panels of the coat.

The rest was easy. A statement ring for a bit of diamond sparkle and beautiful Murano glass necklace, delicate enough not to overpower the dress, but to add the tiny accents with the ice-like beads circled in gold and tangerine strokes of melted glass.

And of course, a bag that’s big enough to carry all the necessities, but beautifully shaped and compact, and a pair of sunglasses for you cannot be in Milan and not wear any.

milan fashion week outfit missoni bottega veneta dolce gabbana murano maxmara fendi shoes bag perfume

Patchwork jacket by Etro, ruched and crochet-knit dress by Missoni, Flume Murano glass chocker necklace by Antica Murina, Rita 2 sunglasses by MaxMara, Chioccia ring by Galante Visconti, Macramé Lace Ankle Boots by Dolce&Gabbana, Silvana bag by Fendi, perfume Bottega Veneta by Bottega Veneta

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copycats vogue uk august 2011 editorial


“It is better to fail in originality

than to succeed in imitation.”

Herman Melville

Photo source: Vogue UK August 2011

Kinder Aggugini designs for the English National Ballet



First it was Coco Chanel, then Versace and Lagerfeld and now we have another designer to join the creative force behind stunning ballet costumery.

Just like Chanel and Lagerfeld, the Italian born Brit Kinder Aggugini will be creating one-off pieces for the production of The Rite of Spring, a performance that was once a part of Diagilev’s Ballet Russes dance company and later successfully reworked by Sir Kenneth MacMillan for the English National Ballet.

“It's not just a costume, it's the resurgence of an iconic work of art.” said Aggugini in his Vogue interview.

And for me it’s not just a celebration of many things that are so dear to my heart, but also a very important moment in a history of ballet and fashion. If you don’t want to miss such a magnificent event that takes place between 22 and 27 March, the tickets are still available.

Photo source:

Natalia Vodianova in Vogue Paris March 2012



Today is definitely a Natalia Vodianova day and I couldn’t be happy about it. Having posted a beautiful editorial this morning I had to get back to my “drawing board” in the afternoon to share this gorgeous photos of Natalia photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for the March issue of Vogue Paris.

Simple. Stunning. Sensational.










Photo source: Vogue Paris March 2012