Weekend sign off



And just like that, the week is over. I am sitting here with my breakfast tea trying to collect my thoughts and remember all the events that happened in the last few days and find it incredibly hard to accept the speed my life is moving at.

What would I remember (and tell you more in the near future) about this week? Well, I’ve downsized my Amazon wish list by buying a few really good books, decided to switch to organic skincare 85% of the time (definitely post-worthy), played with the casual part of my wardrobe, bought my first pair of Converse, fell in love with two gorgeous bags and became a happy owner of an iPad (a totally surreal experience otherwise known as a surprise gift).

That’s it. The rest was work and spring and many little happy moments spent with Mr and pupster.

Hope your week went well.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Always yours,


Photo source: Elle France December 2011

Runaway bride


vogue paris april2012 isabeli fontana peter lindbergh 4

I do realise this week really is editorial heavy, but I had to publish this beautiful photos of Isabeli shot by incredible Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Paris. I feel this is going to become another classic editorial to keep and cherish.

vogue paris april2012 isabeli fontana peter lindbergh 1

vogue paris april2012 isabeli fontana peter lindbergh 3

vogue paris april2012 isabeli fontana peter lindbergh 2

vogue paris april2012 isabeli fontana peter lindbergh 6

vogue paris april2012 isabeli fontana peter lindbergh 5

Photo source: Vogue Paris April 2012

Behind the scenes in Vogue Turkey 2012


vogue turkey march 2012 10

The twenties chic. Carefree, classy, sporty and elegant legendary style that inspired designers and magazine editors this season. Vogue Turkey Behind the Scenes editorial photographed by Phil Poynter is one of the beautiful examples.

vogue turkey march 2012 2

vogue turkey march 2012 1

vogue turkey march 2012 3

vogue turkey march 2012 4

vogue turkey march 2012 5

vogue turkey march 2012 6

vogue turkey march 2012 7

vogue turkey march 2012 8

vogue turkey march 2012 9

vogue turkey march 2012 10

Photo source: Vogue Turkey March 2012

Stylish quote


WSJ magazine february 2009 7 classic looks tesh valerie avdeyeva 

"Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make you dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbours you are doing well."

Karl Lagerfeld

Photo source: WSJ magazine February 2009

Ann Demeulemeester


vogue us april 1997 Ann  Demeulemeester  2

Where were you in 1997? I was living in Russia, still a Uni student. With a very limited access to fashion magazines it was pretty difficult to know what was happening in the fashion industry outside Russia. I had no idea who Ann Demeulemeester was back then. I didn’t even know there was such a designer. Imagine how happy I felt when I stumbled upon an article from the April issue of Vogue US 1997. I must admit, digging into fashion past makes me excited every time I get such an opportunity because it’s about discoveries, the learning process, the tiny precious pearls of information that allow us to understand and appreciate designers’ work, the creative process, right from the start.

vogue us april 1997 Ann  Demeulemeester  1

vogue us april 1997 Ann  Demeulemeester  3

vogue us april 1997 Ann  Demeulemeester  4

vogue us april 1997 Ann  Demeulemeester  5

vogue us april 1997 Ann  Demeulemeester  6

Photo source: Vogue US April 1997 via tfs

Natalia Vodianova in Marie Claire 2001


marie claire australia march2001 vodianova-7

No, I am not trying to confuse you. There really is no Fashion Week post today. I’ve been so busy with work, live and spring that I simply didn’t have enough time to finish the posts. And since this week is also looking pretty busy I just knew that trying to keep up with everything at once will be impossible. And so I decided to postpone the Fashion week until mid-April.

I know you are probably a bit disappointed, but I promise to deliver something Fashion week worthy in a few weeks. Until then, I’ve got a few beautiful editorials and stories to share with you.

As it often happens on Mondays, here’s another editorial featuring beautiful Natalia Vodianova in Belle de nuit story photographed by Friedemann Hauss for the March issue of Marie Claire Australia 2001.

marie claire australia march2001 vodianova-1

marie claire australia march2001 vodianova-2

marie claire australia march2001 vodianova-3

marie claire australia march2001 vodianova-4

marie claire australia march2001 vodianova-5

marie claire australia march2001 vodianova-6

marie claire australia march2001 vodianova-8

marie claire australia march2001 vodianova-9

marie claire australia march2001 vodianova-10

Photo source: Marie Claire Australia March 2001

Free People GIVEAWAY


free people catalogue1

Sunday is the perfect time to play a little game of giveaways. Today I am happy to offer one lucky winner a Gift card courtesy of Free People. They contacted me a couple of weeks ago with a very generous offer to use a gift card and pick something from their website. Instead I decided to give it to one of you. The card is for $80 to spend on-line on anything you like and, trust me, after doing a bit of browsing, I can assure you that there are plenty of treats waiting to be yours.

Here are just a few ideas of what you can get…

free people giveaway

The giveaway is open worldwide. The winner will need to cover the shipping cost ($7.95 for the US, Canada, Australia and UK (from April 2012) or $35 for the rest of the world).

To enter, please visit FreePeople website and leave a comment below saying what you would love to buy and why if you won.

Make sure that you follow Fashioned by Love via GoogleFriendConnect.

For extra entries, you can blog about this giveaway or re-tweet the link (please let me know your Twitter name if you do and add a link to the post as an additional comment).

The closing date is Saturday 7 April 2012 at midnight and winner will be announced on on Sunday 8 April 2012.

Good luck!

Weekend sign off


vogue us september 1997 elsa benites meisel

It’s a very quick post to share a beautiful photo, let you know that tomorrow I am hosting a giveaway and remind about another Fashion week a la Fashioned by Love that starts on Monday.

If you fancy a bit of on-line shopping, you may want to check mid-season sale at Anthropologie, get extra 30% off at TheOutnet, 25% off at KurtGeiger with a code GRAZIA25 or treat yourself to one of these fabulous rings.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Always yours,


Photo source: Vogue US September 1997

Currently loving



… this breathtakingly stunning one-of-a-kind (literally) African Queen necklace made using an original and traditional Nagaland glass and bone collar as a base, embellished with vintage metal pieces made by the Miao tribes in remote China, vibrant orange tassels and African printed fabrics. Such a mesmerising treasure.


Russian top-models: Olga Pantushenkova


olga pantushenkova elle

You may not remember her name, but if you are in your late 20s or early 30s and beyond you would definitely recognise the mysterious stunning girl from a Cacharel ad whom Karl Lagerfeld once called “an explosion of beauty”. And now you can learn her name, too.

olga pantushenkova montana ad campaign

Olga Pantushenkova was born in Leningrad (now St Petersburg) in 1975. Their home was always full of magazines like Russian “Moda”, “Krestianka” and “Burda” and together mother and daughter used to spent hours and hours flicking the glossy pages and choosing new designs that Olga’s mum would later make.

One day little Olya decided that it wasn’t enough just to look at beautiful clothes. The girl went to her mother and declared that she would very much love to become a fashion model. Not a teacher, doctor or ballerina, it was the modelling or nothing.

Although it came as a surprise, her mum was happy about her daughter’s decision and took the girl to several competitions including the “USSR Supermodel” in 1991. And it was then when 14-year old Olya won a 3rd prize and got noticed by “Red Stars”, the most influential Moscow modelling agency who sent her off to German Elite. Something didn’t seem to work out because 3 months later Olga was back in Moscow. Next stop was “People International”. In 1993 she signed the contract and was sent to Paris.

vogue russia september1998

Despite her hopes and dreams, the reality was different. The agency informed the beautiful teen that her future as a model was non-existent because she wasn’t right for the industry. It was time to return to Russia.

Many girls would probably buy a ticket and head back home, but Olga had a dream and wasn’t prepared to give it up just yet. She remembered meeting an agent from “Elite” after the “Supermodel” competition, so instead of packing her bags, went straight to the agency. They remembered the young Russian beauty and were happy to sign her up on one condition – she had to cut her hair.

They didn’t have to say it twice. Olga run to the hair salon and her long locks became a short chic bob. Suddenly, everyone noticed that she wasn’t a skinny teenager with sparkling blue eyes, but a delicate, fragile, striking one-of-a-kind beauty. Unlike her native Russia, Paris fell in love with Pantushenkova at first sight.

Eden Cacharel 1995 olga pantushenkova campaign

She was offered a contract with Cacharel and became a face of Eden. The campaign photographed by Javier Vallhonrat took five days to make and became one of Olga’s most found memories (although she did admit later that she never liked the perfume). Her client list was growing. Olga was offered contracts with Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Christian Lacroix and Claude Montana. She worked 24/7 modelling for Balenciaga, Valentino, Chanel, Galliano and Yves Saint Laurent and posing for Vogue, Elle and L’Officiel. Within months Olga Pantushenkova became one of the top 15 fashion models in the world.

Harpers Queen April1995 olga pantushenkova platon chanel couture maison michel

In 1996 John Galliano asked Olga to add a personal touch to the Bride look designed as a part of his first Haute Couture collection for Christian Dior. Pantushenkova dyed her hair into platinum blonde and ask for a super short pixie hair-cut. The blonde pixie look became iconic as soon as the show was over.

Her career spanned over a decade. In 2002 she appeared on a cover of Italian Grazia, opened a Chloe boutique in Moscow in 2004 and worked as a stylist at Russian Marie Claire. Now she’s planning to write a book, polish her French, study something and just live her life without constantly checking her schedule.

vogue paris olga pantushenkova

Photo source: Elle Russia, Claude Montana campaign, Vogue Russia September 1998, Eden by Cacharel campaign 1995, Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 1997, Harper’s&Queen April 1995, Vogue Paris

Stylish quote


vogue uk may2008 jessica stam patrick demarchelier 

“Things don’t have to much.

They just need to make sense.”

Rachel Zoe

Photo source: Vogue UK May 2008

And again, Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012


dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-3

I just can’t get enough of the gorgeous close-ups of the latest Dolce&Gabbana ready to wear collection. The amount of work, time and creativity that went into these garments and accessories make it very difficult not to refer to them as Haute Couture…

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-4

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-7

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-12

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-8

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-9

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-10

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-11

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-14

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-13

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-15

dolce gabbana_fall2012 closeup-17

Photo source: vogue.com