What is it about stripes that make them so attractive and addictive? How can a thin line be the shortest and straight way to elegance and chic whatever the budget? Coco was such a genius when she introduced the world to a Breton top. I wonder if we would ever notice it without her impact on our taste…

My favourite choices are always navy and blue stripes because those are the colours I adore and wear a lot. Adding them to solid pieces, a pair of denim blue jeans, white or blue dress or a white summer skirt or trousers,  make the outfit feel so flirty, classy and very current. My other little rules are…

* never wearing more than one stripy piece at a time, whether it is a top or pair of shoes

* wearing horizontal lines on top and vertical on the bottom

* being very selective when it comes to the length of my tops as a shorter one can definitely square you out

* spending a bit more on timeless items like cashmere jumper, classic shirt or cardi that I will wear for years and years and less on tops and tees that will be worn day in and day out, washed a lot and most likely lose their pristine appearance within a couple of seasons

* playing with stripy accessories for just a touch of fun and definitely choosing budget-friendly options when it comes to jewellery, sunglasses, hats and bags (sometimes this even applies to shoes as long as they are adorable and comfortable – no.15 below is a perfect example)

* adding a gold piece of jewellery or statement necklace (pearls or crystals or both) to a basic outfit for creating a different mood.

How do you wear your stripes?

stripes tops blazers shorts

Long-sleeve tops (left to right): Boat-neck long sleeved top by Uniqlo (£14.90), Henley striped cotton top by J.Crew (£25), Sparkle striped sweater by Crumpet (£299), Striped jumper by Commes des Garcons (£234).

Dresses (left to right): Short sleeved striped dress by Sakai Luck (£270), also available in sleeveless option, Striped cotton tank dress by Sonia Rykiel (£305), Striped cotton dress by Mango (£22), Belted tunic dress by Oasis (£45).

Tops and blazers (left to right): Striped knit top by Fendi (£626), Stripe boat top by Oasis (£40), Stripe blazer by Smythe (£469), Cream sailor stripe blazer by Steffen Schraut (£139)

Bottoms (let to right): Invitation Galindo skirt by Hobbs (£110), Dapper striped linen blend shorts by J.Crew (£65), Striped shorts by Sonia Rykiel (£50), slouchy striped cotton twill shorts by Sara Berman (£80)


stripes nautical accessories shoes bags hats sunglasses

Click to shop: 1. Wide brim white straw fedora by Forever21 (£10.65), 2. Raffia braid fedora by Hat Attack (£89, for lucky US-based fashionistas available for £54 here), Nicole sun hat by Laundry (£46), 4. Meredith striped canvas wedge sandals by Charlotte Olympia (£565), 5. Bead & Sequin stripe clutch by Forever 21 (£18.75), 6. Stripe strap watch by AK Anne Klein (£37.21), 7. Duo of multi-coloured bangles by Promod (£11), 8. Wayfarer sunglasses by Forever 21 (£3.80), 9. Dashwood striped cashmere scarf by Ascher (£345), 10. Barca stripe espadrilles by Soludos (£30), 11. Slingback pumps by Ballin (£349), 12. Blue stripe ankle strap heels by Dollybird (£45), 13. Weatherbee eyelet and feather courts by JW Anderson for Aldo Rise (£125), 14. Retro sunglasses by Dior (£219.89), 15. Hope stripe ankle strap espadrilles by Rocket dog (£36), 16. Canvas striped bowling bag by Marla London (£33.75), 17. Aldridge patent leather striped tote bag by Ri2K (£75), 18. Stripe canvas tote by Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren (£88).

If this selection isn’t enough, feel free to stop by my Currently Obsessed page to see more.

Photo source: Elle US June 2007

Stylish quote



“Youthfulness is about how you live,

not when you were born.”

Karl Lagerfeld

Photo source: Cosmopolitan UK May 2012

Some of the most beautiful Vogue covers


vogue italia linda

I’ve started a photo album on Facebook to collect my favourite fashion magazines covers and wanted to share a few here just to highlight such an event. For me, a good cover is the one that doesn’t feature a celebrity and awakens positive emotions in me. Unfortunately these days an unforgettable magazine cover is such a rarity that I can remember most of them by heart.

vogue january 1990








vogue paris march 2012 natalia vodianova


Photo source: Vogue Italia March 1992, Vogue UK January 1990, Vogue Italia May 1993, Vogue Germany May 1990, Vogue Germany March 2010, Vogue Korea May 2006, Vogue Korea May 2007, Vogue Korea August 2003, Vogue Russia 2002, Vogue Paris March 2012, Vogue Mexico June 2012

Linda Evangelista in Harper’s Bazaar 1995


harpers bazaar march 1995 linda lindbergh-9

I am definitely going through a “Linda-moment” that will be reflected in my choice of Monday editorials for a while. What’s your visual memory of Linda Evangelista? Mine is definitely the blonde Goddess, with a sensual mouth and mid-length platinum bob curled Marilyn-style.

Such a breathtakingly beautiful woman!

harpers bazaar march 1995 linda lindbergh-1

harpers bazaar march 1995 linda lindbergh-7

harpers bazaar march 1995 linda lindbergh-2

harpers bazaar march 1995 linda lindbergh-3

harpers bazaar march 1995 linda lindbergh-4

harpers bazaar march 1995 linda lindbergh-5

harpers bazaar march 1995 linda lindbergh-6

harpers bazaar march 1995 linda lindbergh-8

harpers bazaar march 1995 linda lindbergh-10

Photo source: Harper’s Bazaar March 1995

Lindbergh moment in Elle Ukraine



Seriously, why editors, photographers and stylists do this? I mean, are they really out of fresh ideas? Or believe that we won’t experience a deja vu moment when we see the results of their creative genius?

Those who follow Fashioned by Love may remember the post about Vogue Paris and Cavalli campaign I talked about a while ago. Now here’s another editorial that made me think of the recent Peter Lindbergh’s story for Vogue Paris combined with Russh photoshoot that featured gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio.

I just can’t understand why somebody would want to create something that resembles work of a true master that can be easily recognized.

There’s, indeed, some attraction in these photos (I guess it’s the black & white factor again for me), but, unlike Lindbergh’s, they don’t push the right buttons in me – the shell if beautiful, but the soul is missing. Shame…







Photo source: Elle Ukraine June 2012

Weekend sign off



We are having such a beautiful summer weather right now! As a result I was even more determined to get some new sunglasses and a few basic summery tops as I happened to have none. Ended up in H&M with a bunch of striped tees, vests and a long sleeved top and also got two pairs of sunglasses.

Mr didn’t believe me when I said I wanted to buy my eyewear at H&M. I asked him to stop  being a snob and just bear with me for a few minutes. Then found some lovely shades that looked great on me and for less than £10!

I admit, I used to buy designer sunglasses, but then figured out that with a change of taste and preference as well as fashions I find myself wanting several pairs, so I could swap them the same way I’d do any other accessories. Expensive shades just didn’t agree with me. I’d rather have a few sweet darlings from H&M or TopShop and spend money on beautiful shoes that I’ll wear for several seasons. And that’s what I told my husband while queuing with my new treasures.

Talking of high-street… Last night I’ve created a replica outfit of the Versace Spring 2012 RTW – you will find details on my Secret Page. The high-street version looks so good, I feel quite proud of myself (and British high-street).

Plans for weekend include a trip or two to some gorgeous National Trust gardens and a bit of photography and coffee (well, green tea in my case, I sort of stopped drinking coffee…)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Always yours,


Photo source: Harper’s Bazaar January 2003

Frames of life


giorgio armani frames of life spring2012-1

This season Giorgio Armani campaigns really press all the right buttons in me. Those images are just as gorgeous as the video for Giorgio Armani Frames for Life campaign. Just adore everything, especially when captured in black&white form.

giorgio armani frames of life spring2012-serge-gueran

Photo source:

Wedge of glory



Wedges, wedges, glorious, wonderful wedges. They come to the rescue to every girl whenever she is tired of tippy-toeing in her stilettos or feeling too down-to-earth in her classy trusted ballerinas. Wedges are a chic-saving option that makes us extra 6-inch taller and slims down our legs (and the figure in general, lets be honest).

Do you remember your very first pair? Mine were nude leather sandal wedges that got me through several summers. I was 19, slowly switching from the mid-high heels to the sky-scraper options (typical of any Russian girl, a habit that comes with a territory) and a wedge shoe was absolutely perfect for feeling comfortable when walking for miles, but high enough to raise my petite self up for the world to notice. I remember wearing those wedges with a tank-top-style full-skirt cream summer dress made of wrinkled fabric decorated with a pattern of tiny brown and tan roses. Ah, I felt so pretty and my legs looked so long.

Do you wear wedges? Here are some of my favourite choices because a girl cannot have enough of them. Wedges are one of the timeless buys, especially if you go for the espadrille style with ribbons that wrap around your ankles in such a sexy playful way. Canvas are the most perfect choice for summer heat, while leather will be appropriate both for spring and summer as well as autumn when worn with ribbed tights or socks.

wedges summer2012

Click to buy: 1. Guiseppe Zanotti Colourblock leather wedge sandals (£468) (or have a loot at this gorgeous pair for less than £40), 2. Castaner Suede espadrille platform wedges (£215), 3. Chloe Stripe raffia wedges (£575), 4. Sergio Rossi Sunflower cork wedges (£306), 5. Tory Burch Linley espadrilles (£158), 6. Rupert Sanderson Nissa high wedges (£544), 7. Pierre Hardy Canvas stripe wedge shoes (£405), 8. Burberry Prorsum Woven leather wedges (£950), 9. Mango Wood wedge sandals (£50) exclusively on-line, 10. Charlotte Olympia Melody raffia wedges (£920)

Photo source: Elle France 2011, personal

Stylish quote



“There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don't need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal, picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain.”

Audrey Hepburn

Photo source: Marie Claire Australia February 2010

The way we wore: Burda Moden July 1991



Although I’ve already told you the story about Burda Moden and its impact on my fashion views, it is this particular issue that was the one I’d remember forever. It appeared after a long break away from Burda’s as they became too difficult to find. My mum returned from work clutching the magazine that seemed to have absorbed all the sunshine, blue skies and summer heat on its cover.

That peach hat, the natural make-up, rose dress so sensually draped over the shoulders… If I was given this outfit right now, the hat and all, I’d wear it in an instant.


It was the time when Linda was blonde just after being a brunette and I absolutely fell in love with that equisite profile, the lips, beautiful arched brows and delicate curlers supported by colourful rollers and a pink hair band. I even loved the nails! It was the very first time I saw Evangelista and from that moment on she became my very first and most favourite fashion model.

It was also the time when Karl was quite a few pounds heavier and André Leon Talley had a fashion industry friendly physique.


Outfit number one that I’d happily wear now, too. Oh, those stripes, interesting embroidery detail, statement jewellery (although I’d probably leave out the earrings this time) and, of course, very elegant hair-do. A perfect woman, if you ask me.


Moving on to the second look. The lace dress. Plus the hair and pearl jewellery. LOVE how one of the models is wearing a pearl necklace as a bracelet!

burda moden 1991 7 10

Design from the cover – one template is used for 3 different dresses. Sorbet colours and adorable hats!

burda moden 1991 7 13

I know this dress is  now a bit old-fashioned, but I still adore that shade of blue, the neckline and the hair style.


And here we have “sweet and modest” tribal style accessories. Don’t you just love that hat and bracelets?


Polka-dots! And I’ve been wondering where I got my fondness for polka-dots from… Here is the answer!


And this shot explains my love for stripes… And straw hats. Would you dare wearing this outfit in 2013? I would!


A few DIY ideas for all Burda readers. A studded bag or tennis shoes (notice the laces made of gold coloured rope – brilliant!), an applique for a beach towel or, for the most talented of all, a beach bag and hat that you can make yourself.


These were the most stylish sunglasses of 1991. Retro style heavily influenced by the 1960s as well as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly is replacing the cat eye shapes.


Summer hair styles. I actually loved the third photo on the left so much, I drew that girl in black and white. Also love her bob hair cut.


A pink swim suit covered by little pink and white petals and cherry blossom flowers. I was obsessed about it. The model is just gorgeous – that smile and gorgeous hair are to die for.


A brilliant DIY idea. Take a large piece of thin silk 90x190cm or 90x170cm, soak in water, roll into double rope (see small photo) and leave to dry completely.


Use the gaufre silks to drape into designs as above or follow your own imagination.


If silk DIY isn’t for you, go for DIY jewellery – sea themed necklaces and bracelets are very 2013.

burda moden 1991 7 9

Or you can make beach bags. I adore the blue cube one!


Everyone who enjoyed cooking was given a recipe for peach sorbet: In a blender mix together 500g fresh peaches (skin removed), 150g icing sugar or 200g honey, juice of 1 lemon and vanilla sugar or essence, until it looks like a very smooth pure; transfer in a metal bowl, add 200ml champagne and mix gently to combine; put in a freezer for an hour, then take the bowl out and break the mix using a hand whisk; return the bowl back to the freezer for another hour; just before serving, whisk the sorbet slightly using an eclectic whisk or blender, add 50ml apricot liquor, mix again and serve decorated with mint leaves and pieces of peaches. Alternatively, you can transfer the peach pure into an ice-cream maker and let it do the job – the entire process will take 20 minutes instead of 2 hours.

Hope you enjoyed a bit of fashion time travelling with me. Is there anything that caught your attention?