5 dresses every woman should own: the lace dress


Elle Russia May 2011 (photography: David Burton)
The very first lace dress I ever bought was the one I wore on my wedding day. Being true to myself, I didn’t want an expensive meringue, but a dress that I could wear for more than one, although very special, occasion. The blue shift with a silvery blue lace overlay came from a small boutique in a nearby town. I found it just before the big day, fell in love and took home with me.

Lace dresses in Elele Turkey August 2012 (photography: Cihan Alpgiray, styling: Christina Consentino)
Lace dress is the one with the magic factor – the secret is in the cut, colour and the type of lace you choose. A beautiful dark blue, rich burgundy, gorgeous emerald, gold or black dress can look glamorous at night while whites and pastel ones in floaty light and breezy fabrics will feel like a wearable fairy-tale on a hot summer day.

Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2013
Erdem Spring/Summer 2013
Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2013
Valentino Spring/Summer 2013
Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2013
The perfect dress, as I see it, is the one made from good quality lace – the one that creates the second skin effect, doesn’t scratch or cause itching and is made of natural material, soft, smooth, with beautiful fine details, thick, but delicate. In addition, I feel that it’s important that the lace matches or compliments the colour of the fabric the body of the dress is made from (exception – Christian Dior Spring 2006) because the perfect lace dress is all about harmony and dreaming, not dissonance and visual nightmare.

Where to buy: 1. Lara lace dress by Bastyan (£275), 2. Gold lace Luck dress by Issa (£495), 3. Bronze lace dress at Dorothy Perkins (£45), 4. Millie lace dress by Lover (£259), 5. Lace overlay gold dress by Carven (£567), 6. Sandra Dee by Collette / Collette Dinnigan (£355), 7. Nerissa dress in apricot at Reiss (£132), 8. Raspberry lace dress by Nina Ricci (£1331)


Where to buy: 9. Black lace dress by Mango (£39.99), 10. Emerald green lace dress by Dolce&Gabbana (£722), 11. Bonded drop waist dress at Oasis (£20), 12. Ruffle sleeve lace dress by Red Valentino (£348), 13. Crochet lace dress at TopShop (£25), 14. Corine lace dress by Joseph (£329), 15. Scallop lace dress at Miss Selfridge £39), 16. Zarita lace dress by Diane von Furstenberg (£282)

Photo source: Elle Russia May 2011 (photography: David Burton), Elele Turkey August 2012 (photography: Cihan Alpgiray, styling: Christina Consentino) via fgr, lace dresses at Valentino Spring/Summer 2013, Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2013, Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2013, Erdem Spring/Summer 2013 & Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2013 via style.com


  1. I totally agree - no wardrobe is complete without a lace dress. I wear mine with everything; it's great by itself as well as for layering :)

  2. The lace dresses are fantastic - so feminine and delicate. I especially adore Valentino lace dresses




  3. O wow these are so beautiful! I think the Nerissa and Red Valentino ones are my favourite (7+12) they both have a kind of fairytale feel to them!
    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me

  4. My wedding dress was all lace- does that count? I do really love lace dresses though- they're so perfectly feminine.

  5. I must confess I don't own one!

  6. I love lace! It's so feminine and sexy without being over-the-top.

  7. Lace is so versatile and the ultimate in femininity :) Your wedding dress sounds gorgeous!

  8. Your lace dress must have been so beautiful, and I too would like something that could be worn again. I can tick this one off my list, although I wouldn't mind one or two more lace dresses, like number 1, 5, 7, 9 and 12...okay thats 5 more! But they are so irresistibly pretty!

  9. such a great choice hun ! Love them all and also want them all :D

  10. I've stayed away from a lace dress so far mainly because everything I've found seemed to look so cheap, regardless of the brand. I love that no. 9 Mango dress. I also saw a little black dress with lace inserts on the sides at Zara, but it looked too much like a nightie. Still looking, because I agree, every woman should have one in her wardrobe.
    PS: as I was saying on my blog, what I loved the most about Grace's book is her outspoken, simple approach. She doesn't pretend to be someone she's not. And that alone is a quality to be admired, especially at someone working in the fashion industry. I really enjoyed her insight into the fashion world, with all the name dropping and turning points.

  11. I should get a lace dress, I really should.

  12. There is something so feminine and elegant about a lovely lace dress. I really need one in my closet.

    Happy weekend!
    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  13. I adore lace dresses - lace is so romantic and it has such a long history in fashion culture too. xx

  14. I love 9,10 and 12! Gorgeous...

    Happy Friday, darling!!

    XO, Gina

  15. I really really love lace dresses! I have in my wishlist on ASOS that I am tempted to buy..

    Corinne x

  16. ohh, such lovely lace dresses! i recently bought a white one, already had a black one and now i really want a colourful lace dress, haha! x

  17. i love lace! i want to make loads of collars in lace!


  18. great post! now that i think about it i dont really own a complete lace dress :O great excuse to go shopping now hahaha!


    ♥ Ellen

  19. I'm a huge fan of the lace trend and I love how different designers created their own art with the fabric..they're absolutely beautiful!

  20. Definitely agree ! I love a cute lace dress, especially a black or white one so classic.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  21. I need to start wearing more lace...


  22. I should really get a lace dress for myself since I don't have one yet.


  23. Not until I saw this post did I realize I've never owned a lace dress! Wow, I'm going to have to remedy this! ;-)

  24. LOve love love lace dresses!!!
    I've never have enough of these!^^


  25. i've got black (really similar to one on the picture)

  26. I love lace dresses! I think I have four of them and I still want more!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  27. I agree, every woman should one lace dress!
    I have a few :)


  28. I don't have not even ONE lace dress ! You certainly inspired me to buy one !

    I'll would certainly wear a white lace dress or a red one ! :)


    xoxo from Japan

  29. Сколько красоты! А я никак не найду для себя идеальное кружевное платье: то кружево не нравится, то фасон, то посадка, то цена)

  30. This is so cool, I adore all these lace dresses!!!
    Sending love and peace.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  31. I'm looking for a lace dress from last spring you know! And still havent found any! Thanks for the ideas, I'd like a model as the n.13 or 16! Kisses and happy sunday dear! xo

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  33. Love lace dress, especially in pastel or brighter colors :)

  34. Natalia,dear!

    You are really amazing....:-)*
    Lace dresse are absolutely one of the most favorites,totaly agree with you!

    Thank you for your wonderful advices....and all these useful tips:-)*

    Sending you my virtual hugs,

  35. I actually do not have a lace dress, this is one of those that need to fit off the rack because sewing lace is requires special training so it'd be hard to alter.

  36. Oh, yes! I love, love lace dresses and I'm so excited that they've become a "thing" now, there's so many choices where a few years ago I had to hunt at the thrift stores to find a lace dress.

  37. I agree! Every woman should own a lace dress!

  38. you hit the nail on the head! GOOD QUALITY LACE! because when i was younger, cheap lace nearly turned me off to the what-could-be-gorgeous-fabric. i love the one's you chose. that hot pink lace is intriguing!!!

  39. My first lace dress was also the one for my wedding day! And since then I was only able to find another one that I liked for the H&M Conscious Collection of last year...but your selection is just beautiful, thanks for sharing Natalia!