White jeans: a few tips and an outfit idea


natalia vodianova calvin klein jeans fall 2013 campaign
White jeans. The uniform of Liz Hurley, models and Parisian fashion editors and the nightmare for every girl who, how should I put it, can make the rocking world go round…

Nobody really cared about white jeans until Ines dedicated a whole chapter of her book to them turning le jean blanc into a fantasy, an epitome of casual chic, a garment that can make any woman feel a little bit like a mysterious Parisienne.

Curiously, the arrival of the white jeans broke practically every rule in a book of style tips. It turned out that there is a perfect pair of white jeans for every girl, whether she is super slim, curvy, tall or petite. My only tips, when looking for your ideal match, would be…

… sorting out the length - unless you do have long and flawless pins like Karolina Kurkova’s, go for the cropped types that hit your leg just above the ankle – this Paris model by MIH is absolutely perfect

… avoiding skin tight low cut version if you have curves

… wearing heels of reasonable height

… checking your reflection in a mirror, front AND back to ensure that you look beautiful from every angle.

Another brilliant thing about white jeans is how easy it is to use them as a transitional piece to move from winter into spring accompanied by a few other classics: a timeless cashmere Joseph gorgeousness that I picked from the selection of designer coats at Harrods, silk Michael Kors shirt, gorgeous Lanvin sandals, stylish and streamlined Boston bag by MCM, contemporary and striking Monica Vinader cuff and Burberry scarf that combines the colours of the entire look. In addition, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in luminous fresh pink, a touch of brown mascara and polish in Beige leger would be ideal for achieving the no-make-up look.
Photo source: Natalia Vodianova in Calvin Klein Jeans Fall/Winter 2003 campaign


  1. I adore white jeans, I wear them all year long actually. And you're right - it's wise to check every angle especially with white.:)

  2. I am yet to find my perfect pair of jeans, but I want one so badly. Can I say that I would wear every single item in the outfit you've created? Gorgeous!

  3. It's funny what a little endorsement from Ines can do... I went through most of my life thinking of white jeans as a fashion faux pas {not to mention dangerous if you're going to do anything but stay indoors without eating!} Of course, I did grow up on the Canadian prairies, where a lot of otherwise lovely and sophisticated fashion trends have gone to die, so this isn't surprising. I'm not sure I'm completely sold on solid white jeans yet, but their versatility for styling in the transitional months does definitely have an appeal :)

  4. I love the white pants, this is a classic for the summer!

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  5. Super post, loved the outfit created too. Hope you have a marvellous day! xx

  6. My grandma has always been very good at styling pants such as white jeans. I've always been clueless on how to style white jeans, I'm sure these tips could help many with the same problem.

  7. This is spot on- particularly because just a few years back it was a serious no-no to be wearing white jeans in the dead of winter (and now hey, winter white is super chic no?).

    Nathalia I also wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your posts on Alaia a while back (I saved them on my iPad to read on the plane from Mexico!)

  8. Like,like,like your advices really much,Natalia!:-)

    Thank you!!!

    These outfit is very modern with a wonderful touch of elegance....

    Wish you a very good week:-)))*


  9. I love wearing white jeans but not as everyday wear! They loose their colour too soon :(

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  10. I have 3 pairs of white jeans in my closet, love the versatility!

  11. I've never owned white jeans before, not sure its something I would wear but I can appreciate hoe chic it can look on others. Lurv the heels and scarf. Thank you for sharing your fashion opinions with me on my last post :)

  12. Случайно нашла ваш блог и безумно рада, что заглянула! Зачиталась и засмотрелась!!!

    С огромным удовольствием стану одной из ПЧ!
    Буду очень рада видеть вас и у себя в гостях! Ксения

    Una chica fashiontastica


  13. I love to wear white jeans! I need to buy a new one soon! In love with the look you shared, so chic! Thanks also for the tips! Kisses dear! xo

  14. I really like the look of white jeans! Nowadays I don't wear pantalons at all, but I love how a crisp, white pencil skirt can have the same potential and effect - and I have Ines' book, of course! Hug from Paris!

  15. Love white jeans, they con go with almost everything!
    Great set!


  16. Excellent advice Natalia! I love white jeans. I need to invest in another pair. Length is very important and undergarments too while wearing them! I've seen many women go fashionably wrong with white jeans due to the undergarments. HaHaHa I want to thank you for explaining what a gooseberry is. I have never seen one! We don't have them here. HaHaHa So your description definitely helped me doll. Thank You!

  17. White denim totally rocks and love the look that you have creted with it!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  18. To be honest, dear Little Rus, I´m buying each summer (in the winter you couldn´t wear here in our white jeans) at least one pair of white jeans because I still known about the things with you above describing - but I never ever wearing this pants, because if I look in the mirror with them on my body it looks soooo strange in my eyes :)

    Maybe I´m able to change this situation during this summer ... Thanks for motivating!


  19. Natalia, I just ordered it! AND a dress! HaHaHa It is the cutest! I'll feature it in March :D Thanks doll! Will you be my personal shopper? LOL Just messin with ya! Really, THANKS!

  20. I love that editorial on the 1st picture! <3


  21. You did a wonderful job styling! I really would love the coat and heels with white jeans. So chic! I actually don't own any myself because I'm afraid I would destroy them rather quickly... ;-)

  22. I have always been too scared to wear white jeans. They are so cute though. I'll defiantly be keeping these tips in mind next time I find some white jeans.


  23. Can it be spring now so that I can wear them? I love white jeans!

  24. Looks like an amazing and incredibly stylish outfit!

    Would you like to follow each other?

  25. I just did a post on white jeans being a "must-have." I adore this look!!

  26. Ooh I love the look you put together! Unfortunately I'm not brave enough for white pants...I'm always afraid I'll get them dirty, ha ha

  27. Love the post and the picture!


  28. Loving this outfit Natalia, that coat is divine! Great tips too - I have mid-calf cropped pair that I often wear with heels, but think it might be time to invest in a full length pair too...

  29. I am afraid to think about the white jeans,Natalia, but if you say that there is a perfect white jeans for curves, than I trust you, now I just have to find it ;) Great items to match the perfect Parisienne jeans ;)