Location, location, location


Trish Goff in Suits: the new definition / Vogue US January 1995 (photography: Pamela Hanson, styling: Brana Wolf) via fashioned by love british fashion blog
We choose where to live, travel and even have our coffee because aesthetics can be a powerful thing for our senses and well-being. When a certain spot makes us feel happy, secure, comforted and brings back sweet memories, we tend to come back to experience it over and over again.

Perhaps, this was part of the reason why Vogue picked the same spot for two different shots. I stumbled upon the earlier one whilst browsing my “archives”. The photo reminded me of some other story and it didn’t take long to realise that it was the  one “with the poodle” I’ve always adored and used in the past. The first image is from the Vogue’s 1995 January issue and the picture below is a part of the March 1999 story.

Do you know this place? Please let me know.

Audrey Marney in Ravishin couture / Vogue US March 1999 (photography: Arthur Elgort, styling: Grace Coddington) via fashioned by love british fashion blog
And getting back to location… The subject of the Google reader has been on every bloggers lips in the last few days or weeks even. It seems that the current location, i.e. GFC/Reader is no longer good enough to keep, so we all need to pack our bags and, like a flock of birds or crowd of lost tourists, migrate to Bloglovin’ for good.

At first I panicked, but fortunately Bloglovin’ IT fairies made everything fairly easy. All you have to do is to sign up or log in and then use the button that pops up on your screen to import the blogs from your Blog Reader to the new location (the old Blogger list will remain where it is, so don’t worry).

If you don’t see the “Import message” and can’t use the link above, go to your Bloglovin’ account, choose Settings in the drop down menu, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “Other” section and use “Import” button there instead. It takes seconds to make things right again.

In addition, now you can see your followers by name unless, of course, they don’t have a Bloglovin’ account or choose to follow you anonymously.

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Because after 1 July location will definitely matter.

Photo source: Trish Goff in Suits: the new definition / Vogue US January 1995 (photography: Pamela Hanson, styling: Brana Wolf), Audrey Marney in Ravishin couture / Vogue US March 1999 (photography: Arthur Elgort, styling: Grace Coddington)


  1. How funny that Vogue used the same location twice - I wish I knew where it was, I would love to go and do photos there myself, to have a little part of a Vogue editorial on my blog!

    Speaking of location, I've read conflicting reports about GFC, but based on my research, GFC and Google Reader are two different things and Google representatives have said that GFC is sticking around "for now." So it may disappear on August 1st, but I think for now we're safe. That said, I still prefer Bloglovin - as far as choosing a location is concerned, it's definitely the most aesthetically pleasing for me ;)


  2. You always spot these things. Love the first one better. It's the truth: I don't like remakes and I don't like to see the same locations in fashion editorials.

  3. Great post- and what an eagle eye you have!! Good spotting.
    Love both images- stunning(and well used with the location subject)



  4. The second pictures is absolutely perfect. I love it. I never would have noticed that they used the same location.

  5. Natalia, you are so awesome! You always know when someone has used the same location. Both of these pics are exquisite! I'm in LOVE with the second one. I would be interested in knowing where it is also!

    I'm following u via Bloglovin! Please do the same! I'm using it right now to view your blog post. Have a great day! :)

  6. Hi Natalia! Congrats for having noticed it, what a memory!:) Love both editorial in particular the second one, makes me the idea of something too chic!:) Yes, follow you already on bloglovin!:) Kisses! xo

  7. I'm not liking the end of GFC :( Bloglovin it'll have to be! Those photos are so timeless

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  8. Nice post!!!
    Do you like to follow each other???

  9. Hi Natalia!!!
    Amazing post!))

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!!!

    So many kisses!



  10. I need a bloglovin too! Everyone has one and I am so behind haha!


  11. hello darling! today I discovered your blog and I really like it, now I follow U on BLOGLOVIN, hope u'll do the same! kisses

  12. I love this location. I suppose this is somewhere in Paris, but both editorials are absolutely gorgeous. Funny that they chose to use white twice!

    P.S. would you like to follow each other?


  13. Haha this is so cool and photos are amazing :)

  14. what a memory you have! this location definitely conveys Paris, which makes me immensely happy.


  15. OH, that trench!!

  16. omg so pretty~


  17. wow first picture is so gorgeous, love this place !

  18. Like it really how you made the connection to this actual theme!

    xx Rena

  19. such lovely photos

  20. I adore the pictures especially the last. I can imagine the story behind the images.

  21. Natalia - it was so good to see you on F&F - thanks so much - lovely to hear from you again and here you are and what's on the top of the page - my fave - the good old trench - have a very good week xx

  22. It is amazing that you remembered that this location was used in another shoot! That is quite a good memory!

  23. wow nice looks! love this style!

  24. This GFC going away is stressful! I followed you on Bloglovin though:)
    XO, Gina

  25. beautiful post!love it!thank you so much for your comment dear!kisses!

  26. Loving those photos! The location is definitely great!


  27. Hi dear, thanks so much for informing me about the Import tool, it seems really helpful and I will use it. You have such a great eye and memory to have spotted this location being used twice, to me it looks like a pretty patisserie in Paris.

  28. Natalia,dear!
    Thank you so much for your very useful advice!
    That's indeed a little bit funny about the same place for making photoshots.....
    But I think,you are right about the same feelings by:-)*
    Unfortunately I don't know where is it...

    Wish you great week,

  29. Wow, and what a fabulous location it is!! The poodle pic is fantastic. xx

  30. Wat grappig dat het dezelfde locatie is!

  31. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  32. Interesting to see that they have used the same location and the same colour theme for the shoots. I wonder if it was intentional and that there were eagle eyed readers like yourself who would spot this.

    Thank you for the information on the blog migration. I'm a little confused I have to say as I read a number of blogs via blogger and the rest I follow on bloglovin. Maybe I will move everything on to bloglovin to be on the safe side.

  33. love the location they picked too! wish knew where it was xo

  34. very very nice my dear!!