Bag of the Month: May is for Marni


Marni tote bag
I  have just realised that first letter of the brand name of my Bag of the Month so far matched the first letter of the month it was featured in. April was for the Angel Jackson sweetheart and this Marni tote stole the spot in May.

Why, after my long-winded speech on discovering new and unknown, I went for Marni?

I love the brand and its quirky and playful attitude to fashion. I feel this is how everything great is made – the process seems effortless and the result doesn’t need numerous magazine editorials to be appreciated.

This tote, crafted from soft calfskin leather, is a great example of what I call an investment buy. It’s simple, but not boring. It’s eye-catching and memorable, but, unlike some well-known brand bags, isn’t epidemically carried by every “fashionista” and celebrity, so it neither hurts my eye nor causes allergic reaction.

I love this tote.

It’s sophisticated and timeless.

And currently on sale.

Which makes it absolutely, 100%, totally and utterly perfect.


  1. I have never been the biggest Marni fan, simply because I have found many of their collections to be missing these classic, timeless pieces. Obviously not so at the moment - this bag could not be more perfect!

  2. Наталия,дорогая!

    Спасибо за великолепное представление сумки от Marni.....
    Этот дизайн и модель сумки действительно нашла место на очень долгое время в самых изысканных и придирчивых гардеробах дам,абсоютно в этом уверена.

    Я получила преогромное удовольствие просто даже от одного только прочтения поста:)* Так легко,энергично и с восхитительным чувством стиля написано!

    Желаю Вам чудесной недели,


  3. Very cute bag! Outwardly restrained and yet very stylish!

  4. Hi Natalia! Love this brand too and this tote is just gorgeous! I'm using this kind of model too at the moment, great choice dear! Kisses! xo

  5. It's lovely. A classic shape and a subtle quality I always appreciate at designer bags.

  6. It's a gorgeous bag! Timeless! LOL that it would be the bag of the month and start with M. Funny!

  7. I'm not usually attracted to black bags but this Marni style is a real beauty and it looks nice and roomy too.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. Indeed, the bag is amazing! And on sale, even better! I like Marni very much, in fact! Sorry I didn't comment before, I was very jet lagged last week, but now things are normal again!

  9. Great bag, I could see its "The quality" from the very first glance.

  10. Dear Natalia, you have such a perfect sense of style and I agree, your May bag is just perfect! Many thanks for discovering - and now I hope I will be able to resist to click the buy button ;)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  11. This is one of those rare, once in a blue moon, times where I have to disagree with you. I find it simple, and boring. The problem with this one is that it looks so generic. I could never imagine spending $1500 on this one. Whenver I think about Marni, I'm always reminded of their funky prints (particularly the polka dots), and I wish they would infuse some of that fun and playfulness in their handbags as well.

    So June will be for Jill Sander? :P


  12. Gorgeous! Am bag obsessed! Have the best weekend! xo Caroline

  13. i definitely could use a bag as beautiful as that one!