Location, location, location – story continues


Audrey Marney in Ravishing couture | Vogue US March 1999 (photography: Arthur Elgort, styling: Grace Coddington)
I made a few discoveries this week. A not-so-good one was the fact that somebody not only really like my idea of poodle inspired fashion editorials, they decided to take all of the photos I’ve collected over the years and retouched to make them look their best and then created a post of their own without any reference to the source (i.e., Fashioned by Love). Such a discovery made me sick. This isn’t the first time it happened to me and while I don’t mind people using the photos I think it’s unfair when they just flush down all the hard work that goes into the original post and give you a zero credit. So that was quite a highlight of my day.

Trish Goff in The New Definition | Vogue US January 1995 (photography: Pamela Hanson, styling: Brana Wolf)
A much better news came in a form of a photo that resurfaced while I was clearing up my disk storage. It wasn’t just the picture that made me smile, but the message that was carefully placed in a corner of it. Patisserie Cador, it read.

Amelia Heinle in Paris Match | InStyle US November 1999 (photography: Matthew Rolston)
Apparently, the charming tea salon decorated in the style of Louis XVI was situated on the corner of rue de Louvre and 2, rue Amiral de Coligny. Some say it was closed for renovations and turned into a snack shop. If you are in Paris and have time to visit and check, please do share an update. I would really love and appreciate that.

Photo source: Audrey Marney in Ravishing couture | Vogue US March 1999 (photography: Arthur Elgort, styling: Grace Coddington), Trish Goff in The New Definition | Vogue US January 1995 (photography: Pamela Hanson, styling: Brana Wolf), Amelia Heinle in Paris Match | InStyle US November 1999 (photography: Matthew Rolston)


  1. Oh, how upsetting! And I know just how you feel, as I recently discovered that there is a blogger out there who has borrowed much of my blog design, and even goes by my very unusual first name. However, perhaps to brighten your day just a bit, I can tell you that there are now two cafes at the address of this former patisserie - one is Le Corona, which I have eaten at. The food is subpar, but the decor, happily, remains much the same as in the editorial photos, if a bit weathered by time. The other, alas, is a location of Cojean, and it bears no resemblance the lovely place in these photos.

    1. Cee, first of all, I am so sorry about somebody else using your ideas! This is even worse than photos. I've been in this position myself once - my original blog was copied, A to Z, text, photos, everything and published as two other blogs... I reported it to blogger, tried to contact those people, but nothing happened.
      It's wonderful that, at least, the interior of this salon was left in its original design - at least you can always take photos by the entrance just like in those editorials. :)

  2. I've had photos that I'd personally taken lifted from my website along with ideas that I have copied. Unfortunately, it's very common everywhere. Interestingly enough, my daughter and I have been discussing the topic of owning a poodle (no, we're not getting one) and I gave her a spiel of how intelligent this breed can be.

    1. :) Living with mine was a wonderful experience, although the little guy did make me feel like he understood everything and watched me 24/7, like some sort of alien. :)
      If you ever decide to go for a poodle puppy, make sure that it comes from Europe (France, Germany, Russia). Unfortunately, British breeders failed here, as a result I got a cocker, but now am so so so happy I did.

      I am relieved (as odd as it sounds) to hear that I am not the only one when it comes to blogging problems. Such a shame that things like that happen, though.

  3. Not properly credited the photos one uses or not referring to the one who has taken the time and made the effort to collect those images, many of them over the years, has unfortunately become such a common practice. But can we expect anything more when professional photographers treat photo crediting (not their of course) with the same disrespect? So many photographers and brands who run a blog have the exact same practice. There are too few voices who raise this problem. Maybe one day the ones who value quality when they see it will make the difference between our blogs and the others.

  4. Amazing pics

    New post on the blog:

  5. Ah, this is absolutely intolerable! I can´t understand such people - where is their sense of honour? But please don´t worry, dear Natalia, take it as a compliment for your wonderful knowledgde about fashion. If I would be this bad person I would have any good feeling about myself anymore - and I would feel absolutely not creative. Such people are totallay miserable.

    But the good news are really good news! Now I know to which location I will go if I´m in Paris ...

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  6. Привет, Наташа! Сочувствую этому пренеприятнейшему происшествию! Мне это все не понятно и крайне удивительно, для чего это кому-то понадобилось - копировать твой блог и главное, как ты это вычислила? Какие неприятные странности.
    Выше нос, все будет Чикаго)

    С наилучшими пожеланиями, Александра

  7. Natalia, that's horrible! As soon as I shut down my former blog (sassyuptownchic) someone else took the name and started it again. Some of my readers were confused! HaHaHa They were like, well that's not Kim's style. I had to laugh when I saw it. Bloggers are lifting pictures and lying. I've caught so many of them in lies. I love your posts and they are always original. You put a lot of effort into what you do, for something like this to happen. I haven't tried copyscape or any programs like that. You may want to look into it. Love you girl! ((hug))

  8. I'm so sorry Natalia, this unfortunately has happened to me a number of times, including copying all of my interviews of fashion illustrators. It's demoralizin and definitely feels like a violation of thought, time and effort, but on the flip side, just shows how inspiring you are!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. Hi Natalia, I had also recently discovered a blog who had taken not only many of my blog posts and pictures but stole also many other bloggers work. Their entire website was made up of stolen posts from other bloggers. It was shocking and really exasperating too. I have no idea what to do. I have since then copyrighted all my content. Love that image with the pink dress, its a beautiful piece and the location is divinely sweet! I enjoyed reading your point of view on my Cannes post. Aren't you glad its the end of the week? Have a great one dear!

  10. I like your post, it is amazing!!

  11. super amazing shots and the dooooog <3
    really loved, so i stay here :-)

    Sergio, xx

  12. Hi Natalia! I'm really sorry for what happened to you and I can get you how you feel. Many times I stared at the images you shared (wonder the hard work you do to collect all the editorials through the years) and I can see from you the old ones have missed. Many times also happened that Id love to save the images from you but honestly for respect I didnt do neither will do. Btw, I didnt know about the patisserie, but it looks delicious indeed and if I was in Paris I will take a look for sure:) Kisses dear! xo

  13. It's pretty sad I know but you shouldn't get upset b/s of people like this! Cheer up your photos are the best;)




  14. Oh that does stink! At least you know you've done something very well when people want to steal it from you! I know that doesn't solve anything or help with the frustration, but it does show you know your stuff and present it well.