Timeless chic: Michael Kors 2006


Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2006
Just thought of another topic for the series to showcase some of my favourite looks from the past. Those, I feel, are absolutely ageless, incredibly elegant and memorable. At least, for me.

This also proves my opinion that fashion collections are a bit like wine. You get seasons that are good and then there are others that take your breath away.

And now, lets focus on the clothes that pretty much inspired me to share this story…

Over the years of fashion heartbreaks and triumphs I’ve come to realise  that if you see a garment you are in love with, you’ve got to buy it. If you can’t afford it straight away – wait for sales and set the cash aside while playing the painful waiting game – seeing your piggy bank growing really does make up for the agony. Search high and low on ebay and in outlets. And if you are lucky enough to find this piece – make it yours.

Alright, I am in no way insisting on acquiring everything you happened to adore because there is always a special something that will stand out. Sometimes there will be a few things. Take your time. Do not rush. Treat it like a long-term relationship you are about to start. A new friendship. And choose the dream dress. Or jacket. Or whatever makes your brain go all gooey…

Exactly the way mine feels every time I look at Inguna and the dress she is wearing, in particular.

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2006
This was my dream dress. Of course, I couldn’t afford it off the rack, so I decided to wait and see what happens. Unfortunately for  me, Spring 2006 was a marvellous year as far as fashion collections were concerned and my wish list included a few other dresses (some to be shared over the last few weeks) including the DVF’s Taffy. When the sales came and both dresses were available, I had to make a decision and choose one… Two would be too expensive. And so Taffy moved in with me. Michael Kors was left behind.

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2006
I knew I made the right choice because I still wear the DvF dress. But not a summer goes by when I don’t think of that Michael Kors perfection. I should have bought both of them… It would feel totally impractical and borderline insane, but we would have such a fabulous time together for many years to come!
Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2006
Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2006
As for the looks here are my inspiration and have always been (cannot believe it’s been 7, SEVEN (!!!), years!!!). It is about the white and tan, simplicity, styling and sun kissed glowing skin. So elegant, so chic, so timeless…

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2006
Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2006
Photo source: Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2006 via stylebistro.com


  1. The fact that you still think about this dress after seven years shows that it was true love. There are very few pieces I can say that about, but one that always comes to mind is a handbag from, of all places, The Gap. It launched when I was seventeen, a large, high-quality leather bag with tiny stars perforated in the fabric. It retailed at about $80, which was far too expensive for me at the time, or at least it seemed to be. Looking back I still kick myself for not just saving the money because I know I would still be carrying it around today!

  2. Oh I can imagine how much hard must have been choosing! But, you see you still wear the one you got..Though I think the same also if you would have bought the MK one, when I saw it (is the first right?) I fell in love with it too! So at lest you have my admiration for have made a choice!!:) Kisses dear, happy Friday!

  3. Totally agree with you Natalia! Buyers remorse is a bitch! HaHaHa Follow that garment as it heads off to ebay land etc. and PURCHASE IT! Great advice doll!

  4. I totally share your opinion on this, Natalia: if you find a garment you fall in love with, buy it. I've made the mistake of not buying something I knew I would think of for years if I didn't buy it, so I hope I've learned my lesson. The first dress here and the second outfit are so beautiful!

  5. I love this post as it's proof that one can indeed fall in love with items of clothing. There are a few items I regret not purchasing in the past but now I usually give in especially if I know I'll wake up thinking about it :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. Gorgeous dresses! These pieces are really timeless!

  7. i have often thought of outfits/images I loved from years and years ago- there are a few I can remember loving and when I think about it still influence my dressing.

    Gorgeous collection


  8. I think thats a good philosophy to have when it comes to buying classic designer pieces, they will never be outdated and always look chic and classically beautiful. A special thank you for your constant kindness on my blog...wishing you a lovely weekend!

  9. OMG the dress is SO beautiful! Has to be one of my top 10 fave looks ever! Thx for sharing! Obvi I share your love for it!
    Have a great weekend!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  10. Dear Natalia, your text is absolutely true in each point! I´m still working on it ;)

    What a pity that it wasn´t possible for you to get this wonderful dress from Michael Kors! So far I can imagine you as a person I´m sure that this dress would fit perfect to you and your great sense of style.

    And I agree: the colletion which you show us today is absolutely timeless and I understand it really that you inspired by them since such a long time.

    Many thanks for this wonderful post!

    Wish you a perfect rest of the weekend :)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  11. so classic! i love refreshing white

  12. Love these all white looks, so fresh for spring, and I know what you mean, I have some missed retail moments and think to myself "I should have'

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  13. I completely agree with Cee, this dress was pure fashion love! Natalia, I really like your shopping approach and your suggestions, and with the years I have also learn how to think carefully about buying pieces that we truly like and feel 'ours'. I have few (fashion) regrets, but I'm sure there will be many beautiful pieces to fall in love with...Take care, Caterina

  14. I love the outfit in first pic, it's still such a classic and chic look. In fact with my huge bump I've been rocking a white billowy long broderie tunic teamed with a tan stretchy leather belt over the bump.
    I never get bored of tan and white. Fab post sweets.

  15. Wow Natalia this collection is absolutely divine, I could not agree more. I don't know a lot about fashion admittedly but a lot of runway looks I just don't really 'get', but every single one of these is making me all 'gooey'! I'm sorry to hear you missed out on your Kors dress but I bet the DvF one is fabulous!! Thank you for the birthday wishes, and have a fab week!

  16. What an incredible connection! I love it :)


  17. It's definitely a timeless collection! I especially love the first dress! I could wear it in a heart-beat!




  18. Michael Kor collections are always classics.
    They're always beautiful, one of my favorites is his Mad Men
    inspired collection.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s