Detox like it’s 1976, Vogue-style


Vogue US April 1976 (photography: Jacques Malignon & Arthur Elgort)
Think that raw juices and almond milk are something of a recent hype? Think again.

Back in 1976 Vogue published an article on health and beauty tips to keep women slim, strong and gorgeous. As a nutritionist, I was very curious about the diet chapter and was excited and surprised to see what was on the menu – raw juices, gazpacho (again, raw veggie soup, basically) and almond milk.

The menu was based on the meals offered by The Golden Door, the California-based holistic resort. I googled it - the place is still very much there getting awards and making people healthier.

Vogue US April 1976 (photography: Jacques Malignon & Arthur Elgort)
I adore discovering like this and seeing that once upon a time glossies actually published articled containing something incredibly useful and easy for DIY’ing at home. Although the names and brands were mentioned, it still felt do-able and more like something you would share with your girlfriends. These days practically anything related to fitness or nutrition is there to promote a company or some new garget and push it into your face until it turns blue.

Here the message was clear: “How you look at food and even how you look at it can alter your food habits.” And as far as the shape of the body was concerned, it was all about eating well and doing some strength and cardio exercises, not using some miraculous machine that, in a matter of minutes, will suck out the fat from one area, put in somewhere else, whilst exfoliating, moisturising and fake-tanning the rest of you (and probably doing a complimentary mani-pedi, too). But only this month because next month another miracle machine will be put into production and require a good PR campaign.

Alright, I am exaggerating, but you get the picture.

Guess what I prefer?

I may even try this one-day cleanse some day, but with a few tiny but powerful additions as the science of nutrition certainly moved forward since then. Personally, I love adding more vegetables into my raw juices, but if you are a novice, high quantities of greens can cause digestive discomfort – be prepared for that should you choose to give it a go.

Vogue US April 1976 (photography: Jacques Malignon & Arthur Elgort)
Also remember that this isn’t a cure for everything, nor should be seeing as a diet fix. A programme like this one is there to be used by healthy people wanting to give their body a break for 24 hours and feel rejuvenated. Enjoy the day of purity and certainly don’t start the day after with bacon or BBQ ribs.

You can right click on the photos above, but just in case, here is the menu – I skipped the calories because I don’t believe in them and I’d always always advise to use organic produce):

8:00AM: Grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed, unsweetened. (note from me – do dilute fruit juices with plain water, 50/50, to avoid blood sugar spike).

3:30PM: Pineapple-cucumber juice. Combine 3oz peeled cucumber (note from me – if organic, then leave the skin on for more nutrients), 1 oz pineapple, 2 sprigs parsley, 1/2 fresh apple, 3 ice cubes. Liquefy in a blender.

8:30PM: Carrot-apple juice. 2 oz fresh carrot juice (note from me – based on personal experience as I juice carrots daily – you will need about two large ones for the above quantity), 2 oz fresh apple juice (note from me – use 2 small gala apples), 1 small peeled apple, 3 ice cubes. Liquefy in a blender.

10:30AM & 6:00PM: Almond milk. 12 whole blanched almonds (note from me – use whole instead and pre-soak in filtered water, then discard the water), 1 small ripe banana, 3/4 cup water, 4 ice cubes, vanilla and nutmeg. Combine all and liquefy in a blender. Makes two servings.

1:00PM: Gazpacho: Combine 1 medium tomato, peeled and diced, 1/2 large cucumber, peeled, cut into small bits, 2 slices onion, 2 sprigs parsley. Combine all and liquefy in a blender. (note from me – don’t peel the veggies, add some raw bell pepper)

With each of 4 drinks, 1/3 oz raw sunflower seeds mixed with 3-4 pine nuts to nibble.

Photo source: Vogue US April 1976 (photography: Jacques Malignon & Arthur Elgort) via tfs


  1. Hi Natalia, thanks so much for finding this valuable article. I am going to take more time to read it properly after this, there seems to be some vital and important tips that we can all make use of today. Fashions may fade...but health and fitness ideas never do ;)

  2. Amazing, Natalia, I always drink freshly squeezed juices, especially after my fitness class ;)

  3. It's funny, the way that health advise has changed, and yet not changed, over the past century. I'm encouraged by this 1970s cleanse; both of my grandmothers went on a diet in the late 50s that involved eating nothing but lettuce leaves, tuna in water and canned peaches! We have come a long way since then :)

  4. I love the mask idea! Also the gazpacho sounds pretty yummy

  5. Natalia, this is so awesome! You are so right! People make things exceptionally hard and try to get you to buy everything under the sun. Those things usually get tossed aside, until the next BIG thing comes out. I discovered juicing about 3 years ago and purchased a juicer. Whenever, I juiced I felt a lot better. I haven't been juicing lately, so I really need to revisit it. I always juiced kale, carrots, tomatoes, celery, cucumber and an apple. I love the combination of juices you have provided, so I'm going to book mark this post. I just started back drinking grapefruit juice (although it's not freshly squeezed :( Fabulous post! Wishing you a wonderful day doll!

  6. Hi Natalia! I am always wondered how you manage to find vintage trasures as this!:) You have a talent for it!:) Btw, as I've told you previously, I also love to eat well and healthy with a regular exercise, dont like diets since I think I wont be stable and I love too much food lol! But I know this one based on raw juices, never tried, I think for only a day of detox could be really useful and good for the body! Kisses dear, have a nice day! xo

  7. I did think this was all newer then the mid 70's. Very very awesome and interesting post, darling and thanks for your kind words and support always.

    XO, Gina

  8. Yes, once upon a time you had something you could actually read and make use of in fashion magazines. I am at war with glossies at the moment and haven't bought one for a while. And another thing we could learn from is that the models then truly looked healthy. Just look at the ones above! They have athletic bodies, but they have feminine forms too. I think that this reflects not only that models had healthier eating habits, but that women in general were in better shape. It's amazing how fashion magazine reflect the society after all.

  9. This is amazing! Thank you so much for posting this!

  10. What's old is new again, right!? :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. This is really interesting, dearest Natalia, so this kind of diet and healthy tips aren´t quiet new :) Always so impressing which you discover in your magazines and I like each article and/or picture so much with you choose for us <3 Many thanks for that, I´m always learning here on your wonderful blog a lot!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  12. I definitely should try it! Very helpful!!!

  13. great post!
    I was planning on doing a cleanse soon so this was very interesting to read!

    The Bittersweet Diaries

  14. This is really interesting to see! It is neat that the resort is still around too. And that first photo! Wow, is she gorgeous!

  15. Wow how interesting. I am definitely interested in trying that juice thing out one day when I don't have to run around like crazy. I do wish magazines still wrote articles more like these as well.

  16. Love this Natalia, who would have thought ;-) Might give this a blast. Happy day lovely,

  17. Haha so true Natalia! I am so SICK of seeing all these wonder-gizmos that are supposed to do these weird things to your body and look absolutely terrifying to boot. I don't understand how there's a market for them, all so weird - peeps should just go for a run or do a yoga class no?! Thanks for this nutritional info too, must give it a go sometime.