Natalia Vodianova stars in The Legend of Shalimar


Natalia Vodianova in The Legend of Shalimar campaign film by Bruno Aveillan
Once upon a time a girl called Arjumand Bano Begum was born. As the years went by
the little child blossomed into a woman so beautiful that the poems were written about her. One day they reached the court of a young prince Khurram who was looking for his princess.

Natalia Vodianova stars in Legend of Shalimar film by Bruno AveillanThe future shah was so mesmerised by the young Persian beauty that he fell in love with her at first sight. The couple married under the stars that promised them the most wonderful and happiest marriage. For the next 19 years they were inseparable and the story of their love and affection became a legend.

Mumtaz Mahal or the Jewel of the Palace as she was now referred to, was a loving and devoted wife, confidante and mother to the couple’s 14 children.

Mumtaz followed her husband on his numerous travels and whenever the couple returned, she would spend some of her time in Shalimar, her favourite garden.

When Mumtaz died, Shah Jahan was so devastated by the loss, he went into secluded mourning. He returned a year later, his hair as white as snow and his heart – broken with grief. And then he began planning a resting place for her.

The place that would show his love and devotion. The place that would give him peace.

Taj Mahal, a beautiful palace made of marble and precious stones, decorated with most gorgeous mosaics and carved flowers and surrounded by gardens took 22 years to complete. It became one of the architectural jewels of all times and the place where Shah Jahan joined Mumtaz Mahal after his death reuniting for eternity under the stars.

Natalia Vodianova in The Legend of Shalimar campaign film by Bruno Aveillan
The perfume inspired by the tale was designed by Jacques Guerlain in 1921. In 2013 a short film, The Legende of Shalimar, starring Natalia Vodianova and directed by Bruno Aveillan was created to celebrate the fragrance and make the love story come alive, even if only for 5 minutes.

Photo source: Natalia Vodianova in The Legend of Shalimar campaign film by Bruno Aveillan via Natalia Vodianova Official Facebook page / Executive producer: Martin Coulais, post producer: Natalie Aveillan, line producer: Claudia Traeger, DOP: Patrick Duroux, production assistant: Clemence Lhuilier


  1. What a tale and beautiful love story! It's so magical. The video is riveting and awesome Natalia. I am laughing regarding that little boy, thinking it was strawberry candy. Poor thing. Thanks so much for sharing doll.

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  5. What a fantastic post! I love it! So great of you to share the story, I´ve of course heard it but this was beautifully written and refreshed my memory. xo Caroline

  6. This girl doesn't age at all! I can't think of a better choice for the fairy tale princess role.

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