Beautiful dozen: camel coats


Elle Russia November 2009 (photography: Mario Sierra)
Made into an iconic style item by Achille Maramotti, the founder of  Max Mara, the camel coat remained at the top of the fashion pedestal for over 60 years along side the Birkin bag, Chanel jacket and Cartier watch as  a piece of understated luxury and sinful pleasure. Of course, making Max Mara a part of one’s life is a truly wonderful experience, but it doesn’t mean that other coats would look less stylish.

My first one came from Uniqlo when the brand collaborated with Jil Sander, and was a part of J+ collections she designed in 2011. The coat was made of a sturdy camel coloured wool and with its beautiful cut and classic shape looked a lot more expensive than its price tag, which, by the time I got to buy mine, was £65. 

Gorgeous and cosy as a bath robe, the belted knee length Max Mara entered my life last February after I decided that 2013 would be the year to finally make one of the dreams come true. I haven’t taken this beauty for a walk yet, but admittedly had quite a few moments of opening my wardrobe door and stroking the fabric.

I feel that, should you only have one coat, the camel would make the most perfect choice, especially if you are looking for a softer alternative to black, but not a big fan of grey. The shade doesn’t just look beautiful against most skin tones, it also makes burgundy and blue look particularly striking.

Here’s my ultimate selection for all budgets. Which one is your favourite?

camel-coats-for-all-budgets-autumn-fall-winter-2013-2014-trends \ camel coats
Where to buy: 1. Cashmere trench coat, Burberry Prorsum (£1995), 2. Tailored wool-mix coat, Ellos (£49), 3. Wool-blend trench coat, Uniqlo (£89), 4. Manuela coat, Max Mara (£1025), 5. Double-faced city coat, Jaeger (£399) – and some gorgeous SALE finds, 6. Lisa long cashmere coat, Joseph (£595) + Look for Less at Mango, 7. Divine Dorothy coat, FCUK & Bloomingdale’s (£175), 8. Ninetta coat, Max Mara Studio (£408), 9. Hendrick coat, All Saints (£298), 10. Board camel coat, Reiss (£350) – also check their SALE, 11. Classic camel coat, Maison Kitsune (£1503), 12. Madigan coat, Ted Baker (£299)

P.S. By the way, do you know that Max Mara is a blend of two names – Maramotti and Max, an impeccably dressed Count who lived in the area and apparently drank away his fortune. Just a bit of fashion trivia. 

Photo source: Elle Russia November 2009 (photography: Mario Sierra)


  1. camel coat <3 it's must have , I am going to buy classic model, Your suggestions are great!

  2. Hi Natalia! I believe the one you own must be fab! I also want a camel caot, actually is onto my wishlist from many years and still havent found the perfect one. I'd like somethis as yours by Max Mara but also the one by Reiss is awesome and super classy. Have a lovely weekend dear, kisses! xo

  3. i love camel coats so much! the number one is my favorite on the list!

    lindsey louise

  4. That's what I need to invest in. I have a camel jacket, but not coat. We don't wear them often, so that's why I haven't been pressed for one. HaHaHa But they go with everything and are so classy.

  5. Such an amazing basic!


  6. lovely bog <3

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    Kindly let me know where all you are following and I will return the favor

  7. I have been longing for the perfect camel coat for what feels like years - I think they're an essential for dark-haired girls, who can get lost in black coats. And I've finally found the perfect one... hanging in my mom's closet, of call places!

  8. I like that tzpe of coats. Have a great weekend.

  9. a wool camel coat would be such a great fall piece, and there are so many great choices!
    Chic on the Cheap

  10. I’m obsessed with camel coats! I love your choice # 1. When it comes to trench coats, Burberry forever!

    ♥, – Fashion, Food, Travel

  11. I´m always thrilled by the elegance if I see a women wearing a camel coat. Unfortunately the camel shade doesn´t really fit to my skin and so I haven´t such a coat ... even more so as watching this wonderful post is a really pleasure for me!

    Many thanks, dear Natalia and a happy weekend for you.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  12. Perfect camel coats ^^
    i love all :)


  13. This is my absolute favourite garment for winter! I own a beautiful one :)

  14. I love camel cats. I have adored them forever, always been a favourite of mine. Such a classic and classy piece. My sister has one which I always love to borrow during the winter time.

  15. I love camel coats <3 So smart !
    Kiss Jeny

  16. I love camel coloured coats. They have such a nice autumn vibe to them.

  17. Congratulations on the gorgeous purchase. It's a timeless piece which will be "in trend"for ever.



  18. Like the fourth one, so elegant and cofmy!

  19. That's perfect autumn color! Love these coats! :)

  20. Camel coats are beautiful! Nº8 is my fave one :D



  21. Obsessed with camel coats. They will always be in style and oh so chic.

  22. Amazing coats! xoxo