Thursday, 26 December 2013

Chloe for Christmas


And here they are, my beautiful Chloe’s, a wish list item, lucky super sale find and most wonderful Christmas gift. I wanted them for a while, since autumn 2011, to be precise. First, they were too expensive and then simply disappeared from the face of the Earth.

I survived the (tiny) heartbreak, filed the image at the back of my memory and let it go…

Then, out of the blue, just before Christmas, the pair in my size appeared before my eyes. I stared at them for what felt like a second, though must have been longer because it made my husband look up and ask if I was alright. "Yes," I replied sheepishly. "What have you found?" - he continued the questioning. "Shoooozzzees…" I sighed "But that's ok, I don't need more shoes" (Lie, an absolute white lie mixed with a generous helping of hope for what girl could say "No" to shoes, especially Chloe!). "Oh, let me get them for you," he said and two days later the box was delivered, wrapped up in a shiny paper and placed under the tree. 

The rest is history in the making…

Photo source: personal

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  1. Nice shoes!!!

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  2. Lol, how sweet of him! They are outstanding, well done dear! Happy Boxing Day! xo

  3. Congratulations with your Chloés!! From reading this I think you can fall in love with a shoe as hard as I can haha (and I don't think many people have our 'gift') I'm curious for more pictures!! (what does the heel look like?) Chloé is the best, their materials are sooo luxurious and soft (I have an Elsie bag and matching flats - and they are amazing:p) How great is it that you found them after all these years, I wish that would happen to me more often:) Merry Christmas again:)

  4. Absolutely understand your happiness! Definitely a perfectly beautiful pair of shoes, lucky you!


  5. If that isn't a happy Christmas story, I don't know what is - some pieces are simply meant to be in our closests and when that happens, they always find a way to get there. These shoes are positively divine and, I know, were worth waiting for :)

  6. Love them!!! Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment

  7. Those shoes are beautiful! What a wonderful gift and a sweet thing for your husband to do.

  8. Adorable!

    Merry Christmas :)

  9. nice :)

  10. Preciososss!!!!!!

    Un blog genial.

    Feliz navidad!

    Besos mil.

  11. Shoozees! HaHaHa Natalia I'll have to remember that one! I'm a firm believer in when something is meant for's meant for YOU! I'm so glad you got these for Christmas. You're so deserving. Enjoy them!

  12. Oh...I love shoes. These are fabulous!
    xo Natasha

  13. They are so gorgeous! You are one lucky girl :)

  14. I love brown shoes because they will go with just about any outfit. looking forward to seeing post of you in them:)

  15. Oooh, what a sweet hubby:) These are gorgeous, and I'm so happy for you that they are finally yours. See, what's meant to be will always find a love and in fashion!
    XO, Gina


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